Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Summer show season is over, but there's still so much to look forward to! I would say my favorite bands we saw together this summer were Sete Star Sept (Japan) and See You in Hell (Czech Republic)! But maybe I'm just biased. It's been a good summer......and it'll be a good fall too!!

First up for me.....

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 59
Thursday, September 29 - Cross Stitched Eyes (England), Lost Tribe (VA), Accent Wall, Station at The Compound in Baltimore

Cross Stitched Eyes (England)
To qualify them as English is just a simplifier......they're 2 English, 1 German, and 1 American I believe? Members of Zygote, the Subhumans, Endrophobia, amongst others? Some records on Alternative Tentacles? Playing dark anarcho-punk with obvious nods to Rudimentary Peni and death rock. Super cool.

Lost Tribe (VA)
Hopefully you caught these guys with Germ Attak at Sidebar early in the summer! Or maybe even with Iceage at Golden West later in the summer? Solid band, your favorite Richmond faces playing goth punk. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Also, Accent Wall's going to play, they're one of my favorite local bands, and I think Station will too! Good deal!!

This show will be at new space The Compound, at 8:30 PM, and will be $7! To support an international touring band and their domestic partner.....not such a bad deal!

Other shits to look forward to this fall:
Neutron Rats (NY), the Creamers (TX), Face the Rail (CA), Religious War (OR) + Warning/Warning (France)........hell yeah!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Monday, August 1, 2011


Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 57:
Wednesday, August 17 - Sete Star Sept (Japan), Penis Geyser (OH), Deceiver, Lotus Fucker, Gas Satori, +1? at Barclay House in Baltimore

Only for the true grinders, blasters, and destroyers of music. This is one I am really proud of. Been looking forward to it for awhile.

Sete Star Sept and Penis Geyser are my favorite current grind bands. They have completely rejuvenated my faith in grind as something relevant, powerful, and cool, and not just bad metal, juvenile antics, or an exercise in dismissing quality control. They have brought grind back to the place that made it appealing to me in the first place: proper musical destruction.

A good example of my feelings (I know plenty of people disagree with me) is my oft-rebuked dislike of Terrorizer, which is so often hailed as a grindcore legend but to me represents everything I DON'T like about grind. On a message board I frequent people seemed shocked, "the riffs! the phasing! the songs! the sounds!", but that's literally the last thing I want to hear from a grindcore record. I don't want riffs. I don't want songs. I don't want phasing. I just want people banging on stuff as fast as they can and yelling over it. I want musical destruction, ie the abandonment of our pre-conceptions about music, and the process of finding purity of expression through the physical expression of intense emotion. I want fuckin noise. If I want great songs with powerful riffs, I'll listen to Judgement. It's a totally different process and ideal, and I don't like it when grind aims for that...

Anyway, I am very excited to bring Sete Star Sept to the US for a 7-days US tour with Penis Geyser. And I am very excited to be releasing a Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser split 7" later this year, a shame it couldn't be ready for tour but we all wait in anticipation for PG to make recordings they are pleased with, heh. And I am very excited to bring these two bands through Baltimore and book them a show that is simply divine. *so smug*

OK, so here we go, an all-killer no-filler line-up:

Sete Star Sept (Japan)
featuring the original drummer of Endless Blockade
touring on a new 10" released by my friend Derek, it is my favorite grind record of the past few years

Penis Geyser (OH)
Lotus Fucker did a split 7" and southern tour with them earlier this year. As a band and as individuals, I love them very dearly. They are one of the best live bands I have ever seen, as this video documents.

My favorite local band does one FINAL final show. A special one-off appearance for Sete Star Sept. I am really pleased cause I missed their show last year, LF was touring Canada, whoops.

Lotus Fucker
We play from time to time and we are noisy.

Gas Satori
Original Severna Park HardCore. pre-Chaos Destroy, pre-Lotus Fucker, pre-Kamikaze Noise. First show in maybe 6 years, by special personal request of Mikeal/Penis Geyser. Forgotten noisecore heroes unearthed from the graves of our brains. Their last show was a long time ago at my old house, House of Awesome Times, where they did a set of Dead Kennedys covers.....which, you know, was like 30 second blasts of grind with Mike hollering the song titles overtop. Genius. No clue what they're going to do this time, it'll be a surprise.

And hey, I want Marrow to play. Can someone tell them they should play? I sent Ren a message but he didn't respond. I've been in England so I can't just call them. But I'll call later this week when I get home.

This all goes down at Barclay House, Wednesday the 17th, 9 PM......I would expect each band to play 10 minutes MAX (Gas Satori and Penis Geyser will probably play 5 minutes or less each), and we are backlining, so please show up at a reasonable time, otherwise there is a high risk of missing bands. Also, this show is $7. Sete Star Sept is spending a lot of money to come to the other side of the planet to perform for us.....and we should show some gratitude and appreciation for how good they are.

See you there!!!!!! =)

-Kamikaze Dan