Friday, August 17, 2012

Icon Gallery (PA) and sick fix (DC) together in Baltimore!!

One more tonight! comin up fast!!!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 85
september 6 - sick fix, Icon Gallery (PA), Queen Wolf, Hive Bent at Hellzapoppin in Baltimore

Icon Gallery (PA)
Pittsburgh crew does a GREAT mix of NWOBHM and melodic punk with some indie leanings here and there. This video is old, by this point I'm sure they're even better!! seriously, great band that appeals to anyone with ears. They've got a storm of new records dropping these days and they're all great great great. Highly recommended.

sick fix (DC)
I feel like this band hasn't played a proper Baltimore gig in awhile? Or at least a Baltimore gig that was on my radar. Fresh off a Euro tour and with a new LP in hand, it'll be nice to bring them back to Bmore. short, fast, loud, you know the drill.

Also playing, Queen Wolf (formerly known as Caestles) and Hive Bent (new noise rock duo).

This all goes down on Thursday, sept 6 at Hellzapoppin, which is a brand new house space along Huntingdon Ave. New house spaces are always a VERY GOOD thing, so let's please be nice, be supportive, and make sure this crew continues to make punk rock happen. come around 8, bring $5 and some earplugs, and you're all ready to have a good time. =)

-Kamikaze Dan

Nervosas (OH) in Baltimore!!!!!

hello world,

Now here's a nice way to spend your saturday night.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 84
september 1 - Nervosas (OH), Muted songbirds, Heavy Friends at Nu Haus of Cassanova in Baltimore

Nervosas (OH)
New Columbus OH power-pop band featuring folks from New Creases/Heath Deadger......these bands played Baltimore plenty of times, so you should have some notion of the quality level you're diving into. Great shit!!!!

Local yokals muted songbirds and Heavy Friends are also playing. You know them, you adore their lovely melodies.

This all goes down saturday, september 1 at Nu Haus of Cassanova, right down the street from Barclay House, Baltimore's new hip house spot. Come around 8 PM with $5. Because u lurv punk and you know that paying the door = bands can tour.

-Kamikaze Dan

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Okay crew,

here's the second hot one this month, and this one is motherfucking scorching!!! Can't wait!!! Top recommendation!!!!!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 83
August 26 - Merda (Brazil), Lotus Fucker, Putrida (NY), Sad Boys (NY), WarGames at Barclay House in Baltimore:
Merda (Brazil)
FUCK, so thrilled to have this band playing Baltimore!!!!
Merda is perhaps best known as the brother-band of the legendary Mukeka di Rato, but they certainly don’t live in that shadow. Quite popular in Brazil in their own right, and having already toured Europe, it’s a great pleasure to bring them here to America. These guys have been belting out fast hardcore with hints of melody and the occasional samba part for over ten years now, including some releases on Sound Pollution Records.

It’s damn near impossible for Brazilian bands to get into America (actually this is the first Brazilian punk band to hit the states since the 90's I think?) so we’re really pleased we were able to pull this off, and we hope this opens the floodgates for more Brazilian bands to come.

ahhhh trying to think of an equivalency here, to explain what a big deal this is. I mean, this band is on MTV, Vice Magazine, plays BIG clubs, etc, is super popular, but still plays fast hardcore with DIY bands, does splits with bands like Hellnation, etc......

Anyway, I am organizing their east coast tour and releasing their new LP, so I booked them the best show possible! =)

Putrida (NY)
 new NYC band, from the same scene that brought you Perdition, Dawn of Humans, crazy spirit, etc. This time around, it's some folks from Long Pigs and Perdition, an ex-DC resident, and some other folks I don't know too well playing straight-forward hardcore punk with a slightly raw south american feeling.

 Sad Boys (NY)
 new NYC hype, from the same scene that brought you Perdition, Dawn of Humans, crazy spirit, etc. This time around, it's some folks from Long Pigs and some other folks I don't know too well playing straight-forward pogo-inducing punk rock.

Lotus Fucker and WarGames will play too! WarGames is basically the best Baltimore band right now, in my opinion, so I couldn't think of a better gig to attend!!

This all goes down sunday, August 26, at Barlcay House, 8:30 PM, for $8. Fucking ill!!!!!! Don't miss it!!! show of the summer!!!!! so good that I made full-color flyers, find one in person and cherish it!!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

AUG 19 - Cog Dis and Murderess!!

hey Baltimore,

Okay, I got two hot gigs for you this month. They'll each get a separate post. Unfortunately I had to bounce scum (MI) to DC, whoops. But I just couldn't get a venue for it locked down! Totally weak Baltimore! But I love you anyway.

so, first up:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 82
August 19 - Cognitive Dissonance (MN), Murderess (OR), Ecco, Hammerthrow at Piss Palace in Baltimore

Cognitive Dissonance (MN)
Brutal crustcore shits for all you brutal crusties, straight outta Minneapolis, the spiritual heartland of this shit. This band has played Baltimore a few times before I think, so you should already be familiar with them. Featuring the fantastic drummer of Question.

Murderess (OR)
PDX metal punk for all metal punks.

Ecco and Hammerthrow are going to be hammering down their echos of noise support.

This all goes down on sunday, August 19 at Piss Palace, at 8 PM, for $6! Fackin killer!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan