Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pissbath (TN) with Chaos Destroy, Endless Bummer next month

Hello world,

so February will probably be known as the month we send our favorite local staples out on the road for a month.....but while they're gone, we can still have a super happy fun time !!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 91
Feb 19 - Pissbath (TN), Chaos Destroy, Endless Bummer at Club K

Pissbath (TN)
A couple young kids making some high energy noisy punk. I saw this band on home turf when I was out with Inservibles. They played for about 5 minutes. Totally brilliant, full of promise and potential. see them on the ground floor, with every passing gig they'll refine their art more and get better and better.

supporting them will be the ultimate masters of noisy punk, Chaos Destroy, and another beloved local staple, Endless Bummer. Nice gig! short and sweet so everybody can be ready for work in the morning.

This gig is at Club K, will start at 9 PM, for $5.

-Kamikaze Dan