Monday, January 16, 2012

new releases: sete star sept, penis geyser, merciless game

Hey Baltimore,
so often, someone asks me about my label shit, what I've released, what I've got coming up, etc.
Well I ju
st dropped 2 new releases tonight so here's the official announcement for all that.
If you want to buy
something, buy it from the online store and write in the note that you want to get in person and I will refund you the shipping in cash. Or just e-mail me at with what you want. I don't generally bring any of my crap to shows but I will bring stuff by request. Also, Celebrated Summer always has ample copies of all my releases, so you can scope there too.
- Kamikaze Dan


Merciless Game - Genjitsu Wo Kutabare 8” (SPHC-10)

Merciless Game is a project band started as a solo endeavor by Zach of xBrainiax in 2004 and currently featuring members of xBrainiax, Lotus Fucker, and Chaos Destroy. Negative and spiteful noise punk a la Dust Noise, Screaming Noise, Expose, etc. Primitive and brutal. Recorded in a few hours in December 2010 by noise scientist Mike Walls, sat on for a year so the world could prepare. Look for us on this tour:

February 17 (Friday): Augusta GA w/Chaos Destroy at Skuds Manor
February 18 (Saturday): Wilmington NC w/Chaos Destroy at Soapbox (AFTERNOON SHOW)
February 19 (Sunday): Richmond VA w/Chaos Destroy
February 20 (Monday): Washington DC w/Chaos Destroy at Wasted Dream
February 21 (Tuesday): New York, NY
February 22 (Wednesday): Philadelphia PA
February 23 (Thursday): Columbus OH at Legion of Doom
February 24 (Friday): Lexington KY w/ Globsters
February 25 (Saturday): Detroit MI w/ Globsters
....and possibly more dates around the USSA in the summer and fall.

Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser split 7" (SPHC-16)

A special treat for all true grinders. It's a tremendous pleasure for me to release my two favorite grind bands on this planet on one split 7". It was fantastic to see them tour the US together and hopefully they'll do Japan together too.

Sete Star Sept is literally the best grind band I've ever seen live. For being just bass and drums, their recordings here sound massive, dense, claustrophobic. Wild arrangements hint at chaos yet they're too musically tight to just be randomized. This is how grindcore should sound to me: the destruction of music/art/everything. True professionals.

Penis Geyser's side was culled from tape recordings of this recent US tour. Again, the complete abandonment and destruction of musicality to express true feelings and energies. I love noisecore and these guys are reigning world champions.

Purchase here: [] » or at Wasted Dream
Listen here: [] »

Up next:
SPHC-19: Globsters – Rock and Roll Misery EP (scope their Feb east coast tour)
SPHC-18: Nuklear Blast Suntan – The Wheels of Fate are Turning EP (scope their March west coast tour)
SPHC-7: Nuklear Blast Suntan – Blot Out the Worthless Sun LP repress

also in the works at this time: Ruidos Absurdos collection 7”, Exit Hippies/Lotus Fucker split 12”, Chapmans 12” single, Sun Children Sun demo 7”, Merchandise/Lotus Fucker split 7”, Lotus Fucker southeast tour