Wednesday, December 28, 2011


hey world,

Real quick. Voyage in Coma is going to play on the 8th too!! Our favorite emotional heroes. So now the line-up is:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 69
January 8 - No Statik (CA), Lotus Fucker, Voyage in Coma, At The Graves at Bell Foundry in Baltimore

Fackin cool. Get chuffed.

-Kamikaze Dan

Sunday, December 18, 2011



I'll make this short and snappy. Posting about the first great show of the new year.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 69
January 8 - No Statik (CA), Lotus Fucker, At The Graves at Bell Foundry in Baltimore

No Statik (CA)
so good live they get a few videos:
Members of Look Back and Laugh, What Happens Next, Artimus Pyle, etc get together to make some solid mettalic hardcore......but god damn are they smoking live. Top tier live unit, we played with them at Chaos in Texas and I was thoroughly impressed.

local yokals:
Lotus Fucker - we are okay live too
At the Graves - members of Revolta do Neurosis worship, I think this could actually be my favorite Baltimore band right now???

This all goes down:
Sunday Jan 8, 2012
Bell Foundry
8:30 PM
(Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 69)

Let's fuckin gooooo!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

THURSDAY DEC 8 - Shoppers returns!!!!!

helloooooo Baltimore,

I've been on the road with Face the Rail (CA) and then with Warning/Warning (France) for the past month. And now I'm in Texas for Thanksgiving. But always, I think about this great community and what exciting shit I can come up with for everyone to experience together.

So here's what I got next, a little short-notice but not too much so:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 66
December 8 - Shoppers (NY), Aloners, Ecco, Big Mouth at Barclay House in Baltimore

Shoppers = Syracuse noise pop power trio, girls just wanna have fun and Josh just wanna beat the drums! third time in Baltimore and we all know third time's a charm. This band is quite excellent, maybe like if Sonic Youth was very fuckin noise.

Aloners = new pop-punk band with some familiar faces (from Lotus Fucker and Sick Fix) and some not

Ecco = sporadic movements of sporadic (sludge) music, from the Chaos Destroy crew

Big Mouth = new girls on the rock and roll block

all going down at Barclay House
on Thursday Dec 8
8 PM, $5

get ready for No Statik and Aghast in January, and then I'm working on something particularly cool in February......yeah, 2012 may be the end of the world but the world will go out on a positive note!!

-Kamikaze Dan

PS: thanks everyone that came out to my giant show last month, it was very appreciated. what a great night that was, I hope everyone had as much fun as me!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Crew, let's just take a moment and pause and think about how fucking ill this show is:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 64
November 11 - Religious War (OR), Warning/Warning (France), Face the Rail (CA), Nukkehammer (OH), Lotus Fucker, Sacrifidelis at Bell Foundry in Baltimore

I am mighty chuffed for this show. I think about it all the time. I put in a little bit of work to make everything line up properly and get everyone in the same place at the same time. So I hope everybody will show up and rage hard. This is a pretty flawless line-up from top to bottom:

Religious War (OR)
The most ill band of our times? Quite possibly. I think The Inmates are the only American band to be anywhere close in terms of being undeniably "ill". Basically this band defines 'Portland City Punk Rock'. Total insane maniacs playing depraved and rampaging hardcore punk. Simple formula executed perfectly by legendary personalities. These guys would go on to do Rotten Cadaver, Dead Section, the Corpse, they all kinda sound the same and they're all SO FUCKIN PERFECT. The Religious War LP and unreleased Rotten Cadaver LP are the best from this crew and are essential pieces of the American punk rock canon. I am frothing at the mouth to see this band, couldn't find any live footage but someone uploaded the LP so you can hear how fucking mindblowing it is. I guess you'll have to wait until the gig to see 'the Bartek shuffle'.

Warning//Warning (France)
Members of Gasmask Terror do noise punk a la Confuse, Gai, Swankys, etc, touring the US on their debut LP. Cool band, good sounds, good vibes/aesthetics. I am driving them on tour!

Nukkehammer (OH)
This is raw hardcore punk, crazed dual vocals, barbaric drums, ugly tones. Informed by Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Crow, Kaaos, etc, all the classics, yet not directly ripping off anyone, there are no gods so there is no worshipping. One of the most exciting bands currently in the scene. They are hardcore family, I released their 7", Lotus Fucker has brought them out to Baltimore/DC in the past so you should already know how damn good they are. We thought we should bring them here again. Freak music for freak people.

Face the Rail (CA)
One of those bands that you just can't help but love. Almost like the Adolescents playing twice as fast and mixed with some kind of mellow college rock arrangements and almost surfing guitar riffs at points.....hard to describe but they don't sound scattered, everything is fluid and natural. Just a great band all around. They won over tons of people on their recent continental US tour over the summer, we all decided "hey that was fun, let's do it again?" and so I'll take them on another short east coast tour. My hardcore family!!

also playing:
Lotus Fucker - only Baltimore show this fall
Sacrifidelis - new and maybe improved?

this is all FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11
beginning promptly at 8 PM......everybody knows that I run a tight ship so trust me when I say, if you stroll in at 9:30 you'll have missed half the show.
and this show should ostensibly be $9 because there's 4 touring bands, including 1 from another country and 1 that's traveling from OH specifically for this show (and the DC show the day after) please come prepared to donate!! even if you can't donate the whole $9, anything is appreciated!

See you there!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

THIS SUNDAY - The Creamers + Dry Spell

hey crew,

This one is for all your melodic needs.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 63
October 23 - the Creamers (TX), Dry Spell (VA), Endless Bummer, Aloners at Beat Kids House in Baltimore

The Creamers (TX)
Austin's premier garage unit. Lotus Fucker played with them at Chaos in Texas and I thought they were quite excellent.

Dry Spell (VA)
For all your USHC needs, take one of Richmond's many hyped bands that ape Black Flag, Minor Threat, etc etc......

Also playing:
Endless Bummer, Baltimore's bright young pop-punk goup

Aloners, my new pop-punk band!! It's me on drums, Joey (Dirty Wars) and Pat (Lotus Fucker, Sick Fix, State Violence) on guitar, and Kim on bass. It sounds like Leatherface a little bit, but slower and moodier. First Baltimore show!!

This goes down at Beat Kids House this coming Sunday, starts at 8:30 PM, and will be $6. Come out and hang.

-Kamikaze Dan

PS: let's not forget next month......

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 64
November 11 - Religious War (OR), Warning/Warning (France), Face the Rail (CA), Nukkehammer (OH), Lotus Fucker, Sacrifidelis at Bell Foundry in Baltimore

and next year.....all sorts of wild shit, if I have my druthers.....but I can tell you that No Statik (CA) is coming in early January and that'll be the first KILLER show of 2012.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Reposting for Billy cause I'm not sure he can access this:



$7-10 suggested donation ya herd?
at The Compound

I'm gonna go see Albany NY's Neutron Rats. I've had the luxury of seeing them and playing with them a great many times and they are very good rough and tough hardcore punk. I know they often get compared to mid-period Anti Cimex, maybe that's not too far off. All I know is that they do everything I want from a hardcore band: wild drumming, sick riffs, powerful songs, tight performances. Great band, excited to see them in Baltimore.

On my end, I'll make separate posts later, but this is what I got:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 63
October 23 - the Creamers (TX), Dry Spell (VA), Endless Bummer, Aloners at TBA in Baltimore
for all your garage and pop-punk needs

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 64
November 11 - Religious War (OR), Warning/Warning (France), Face the Rail (CA), Nukkehammer (OH), Lotus Fucker, Sacrifidelis at Bell Foundry in Baltimore
this fall's essential/important/crucial show, not to be missed!!!!!! I am bursting with excitement over this one.

-Kamikaze Dan

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Summer show season is over, but there's still so much to look forward to! I would say my favorite bands we saw together this summer were Sete Star Sept (Japan) and See You in Hell (Czech Republic)! But maybe I'm just biased. It's been a good summer......and it'll be a good fall too!!

First up for me.....

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 59
Thursday, September 29 - Cross Stitched Eyes (England), Lost Tribe (VA), Accent Wall, Station at The Compound in Baltimore

Cross Stitched Eyes (England)
To qualify them as English is just a simplifier......they're 2 English, 1 German, and 1 American I believe? Members of Zygote, the Subhumans, Endrophobia, amongst others? Some records on Alternative Tentacles? Playing dark anarcho-punk with obvious nods to Rudimentary Peni and death rock. Super cool.

Lost Tribe (VA)
Hopefully you caught these guys with Germ Attak at Sidebar early in the summer! Or maybe even with Iceage at Golden West later in the summer? Solid band, your favorite Richmond faces playing goth punk. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Also, Accent Wall's going to play, they're one of my favorite local bands, and I think Station will too! Good deal!!

This show will be at new space The Compound, at 8:30 PM, and will be $7! To support an international touring band and their domestic partner.....not such a bad deal!

Other shits to look forward to this fall:
Neutron Rats (NY), the Creamers (TX), Face the Rail (CA), Religious War (OR) + Warning/Warning (France)........hell yeah!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Monday, August 1, 2011


Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 57:
Wednesday, August 17 - Sete Star Sept (Japan), Penis Geyser (OH), Deceiver, Lotus Fucker, Gas Satori, +1? at Barclay House in Baltimore

Only for the true grinders, blasters, and destroyers of music. This is one I am really proud of. Been looking forward to it for awhile.

Sete Star Sept and Penis Geyser are my favorite current grind bands. They have completely rejuvenated my faith in grind as something relevant, powerful, and cool, and not just bad metal, juvenile antics, or an exercise in dismissing quality control. They have brought grind back to the place that made it appealing to me in the first place: proper musical destruction.

A good example of my feelings (I know plenty of people disagree with me) is my oft-rebuked dislike of Terrorizer, which is so often hailed as a grindcore legend but to me represents everything I DON'T like about grind. On a message board I frequent people seemed shocked, "the riffs! the phasing! the songs! the sounds!", but that's literally the last thing I want to hear from a grindcore record. I don't want riffs. I don't want songs. I don't want phasing. I just want people banging on stuff as fast as they can and yelling over it. I want musical destruction, ie the abandonment of our pre-conceptions about music, and the process of finding purity of expression through the physical expression of intense emotion. I want fuckin noise. If I want great songs with powerful riffs, I'll listen to Judgement. It's a totally different process and ideal, and I don't like it when grind aims for that...

Anyway, I am very excited to bring Sete Star Sept to the US for a 7-days US tour with Penis Geyser. And I am very excited to be releasing a Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser split 7" later this year, a shame it couldn't be ready for tour but we all wait in anticipation for PG to make recordings they are pleased with, heh. And I am very excited to bring these two bands through Baltimore and book them a show that is simply divine. *so smug*

OK, so here we go, an all-killer no-filler line-up:

Sete Star Sept (Japan)
featuring the original drummer of Endless Blockade
touring on a new 10" released by my friend Derek, it is my favorite grind record of the past few years

Penis Geyser (OH)
Lotus Fucker did a split 7" and southern tour with them earlier this year. As a band and as individuals, I love them very dearly. They are one of the best live bands I have ever seen, as this video documents.

My favorite local band does one FINAL final show. A special one-off appearance for Sete Star Sept. I am really pleased cause I missed their show last year, LF was touring Canada, whoops.

Lotus Fucker
We play from time to time and we are noisy.

Gas Satori
Original Severna Park HardCore. pre-Chaos Destroy, pre-Lotus Fucker, pre-Kamikaze Noise. First show in maybe 6 years, by special personal request of Mikeal/Penis Geyser. Forgotten noisecore heroes unearthed from the graves of our brains. Their last show was a long time ago at my old house, House of Awesome Times, where they did a set of Dead Kennedys covers.....which, you know, was like 30 second blasts of grind with Mike hollering the song titles overtop. Genius. No clue what they're going to do this time, it'll be a surprise.

And hey, I want Marrow to play. Can someone tell them they should play? I sent Ren a message but he didn't respond. I've been in England so I can't just call them. But I'll call later this week when I get home.

This all goes down at Barclay House, Wednesday the 17th, 9 PM......I would expect each band to play 10 minutes MAX (Gas Satori and Penis Geyser will probably play 5 minutes or less each), and we are backlining, so please show up at a reasonable time, otherwise there is a high risk of missing bands. Also, this show is $7. Sete Star Sept is spending a lot of money to come to the other side of the planet to perform for us.....and we should show some gratitude and appreciation for how good they are.

See you there!!!!!! =)

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baltimore PUNX PICNIC 2011!!!!

Baltimore Punx Picnic is THIS SATURDAY july 23rd at 12535 Manor Road, Glen Arm MD. All day Cookout with homebrew, GIANT slip n slide, moon bounce, dunk tank, and the music of Bucket Flush, Icefox, Scum Against, Sheltered Schlock, Mandroids, Station and MORE. bring food, beer, grills, tents (you can camp here too!). bands start around 3pm.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am pleased as punch to confirm tonight that Shoppers (NY) are hopping onto the Cyclops show Sunday night with Nuklear Blast Suntan.

Shoppers are good friends with Lotus Fucker, we've played with them a few times, lovely crew and I'm really stoked they're going to sub in for State Poison. They are very NOISE.....which I like....and they approach making noisy and raw music from a different angle than me.....which I also like.

So now we're looking like:

Nuklear Blast Suntan (GA)
Shoppers (NY)
Lotus Fucker
Chaos Destroy
Dirty Wars (first B-more show)

at Cyclops, 8:30 PM, $5.

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 TONIGHT at barclay house
HUMILITATE (thrashy/fast hardcore from the BASQUE country - on tour!)
SACRI FIDELIS (Baltimore's rowdy punk kings!)
ICE FOX (dirty and raw metal!)
STRONG INTENTION (long-running maryland fast hardcore - just added!)

8pm - bring some monies to get in and if you can buy some shit from the touring band!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hey crew,

Well this show had a bit of a hiccup.......

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 52:
Sunday, July 10 - State Poison (France), Nuklear Blast Suntan (GA), Lotus Fucker, Chaos Destroy, Dirty Wars at Cyclops Books in Baltimore

However, there was a lot of confusion about State Poison's US tour.....I just confirmed with Befa yesterday that they are NOT doing ANY US tour this're not playing and that's a bummer.

But not too much of a bummer! The show will go on, quite excellently if I may add.

You may remember Nuklear Blast Suntan from when I booked them at Barclay House years ago, they were great then and are better than ever now. I love them a lot, I released their LP for fucks sake hahaha. Here's some cuts from their newest record:

Also playing:

Lotus Fucker - our first Baltimore show in a little bit
Chaos Destroy - the best of the best
Dirty Wars - my new raw d-beat band, first B-more show

and possibly maybe one secret (noisy) guest.......we'll have to see.

So this show is NOISE NOISE NOISE and for that I am most excited. For the true punx only!!!!

Everything is going down at Cyclops Books (corner of Maryland and North, a block up from CCAS) this Sunday at 9 PM for $5!

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

THURSDAY JUNE 30 - Mundo Muerto (CA) + Porkeria (TX)

Hey world,

Good show coming up next week:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 50:
Thursday, June 30
Mundo Muerto (CA), Porkeria (TX), Chaos Destroy, +1
at Big House in Baltimore
8 PM, $6
(still working out who +1 is, too few bands stretched too thin)
(Big House is the new house in Arbutus, ask around for an address)

LF played with Mundo Muerto in DC in 2009 and they really knocked me out. Great melodic PUNK from Los Angeles Latino guys and gals, like a faster Eskorbuto, catchy songs with a good rough sound. Great live and I love the LP. Excited to see them again.

Porkeria I'm not so familiar with. TX Latino hardcore. I got their demo a few years ago and enjoyed it. I know they have a new LP out that they're touring on. Curious to see them.

I know Chaos Destroy is gonna play, remember how good they were at Barclay a little while back?? Never get tired of seeing them. Still waiting for confirmation on the last band.

In July, I've got the State Poison/Nuklear Blast Suntan show for all your noise needs, and in August, Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser for all your grind needs. =)

-Kamikaze Dan

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SPHC webstore

Hey crew,

Just thought I'd briefly mention on here, I finally broke down and made a little online thing for my record label:

If you want to cop stuff, e-mail me at or let me know at a show, and I can bring it to the next show. I'm not going to be bringing stuff to sell to shows but if you ask, I will deliver for you.

-Kamikaze Dan

Thursday, June 16, 2011


July 1st at Sidebar Tavern ( 8pm
an evening of good ol punk and hardcore

SCUM AGAIN (pop punk by dudes from crust/metal bands)

WOLFIE BURNS (pop punk from  MA)

FOUR FINGERS (melodic hc/punk from NJ)

TOXIC SUNSHINE (grungey hardcore from PA)

REGIONS (punk from PA)
thats 4 out of town bands!!! every band on this bill is fun as hell live so dont miss it!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Thanks everybody that came out to see my Czechs tonight. As usual, Baltimore for the win, I think this was one of the best shows we've had in a little, I am pleased as punch and next month I've got another GREAT gig lined up (and a couple good ones too). 

-Kamikaze Dan

July 8th IN THE SHIT (boston) @ Barclay w/PhantomGlue.EndlessBymmer,RUKUT,TheSchismatics

July 8th 2o11 8pm

IN THE SHIT (in the shit is one of the sickest grind bands on the east coast! from Boston!!
PHANTOM GLUE (grungey metal from MA)
RUKUT (misfits influenced Grind 2piece)
ENDLESS BUMMER (noisey baltimore pop-violence)
 THE SCHISMATICS (baltimore punk legends)


Monday, June 13, 2011


Well I've had the pleasure of being on tour with See You in Hell for about two weeks now, which has included plenty of shows with Origin of M and xBrainiax......all I will say is that this is most likely the best show Baltimore will have all year. All 3 of these bands have just been consistently incredible night after night. See You in Hell is easily one of the best live bands I've ever seen, I mean fuck, they are the real deal. True bombastic power. Don't sleep on this one, you'll be sorry.

Tuesday at Barclay, first band at 8 PM, $8 to support 2 international touring bands (from Japan and the Czech Republic) + 1 domestic touring band (from MI) me, it's a bargain.

-Kamikaze Dan

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

holy shiiiiiit

In my opinion (and I could be biased), there are 3 BIG shows this summer that are essential viewing for anyone with an interest in the current crop of hardcore. One already happened (Germ Attak + Lost Tribe), number 2 is coming up in just two weeks......and number 3 is happening next month, more on that later.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 49
June 14 - See You in Hell (Czech Republic), Origin of M (Japan), xBrainiax (MI), Lotus Fucker, Mind as Prison at Barclay House in Baltimore

.....well, that was the plan anyway, and it looked so good.....but now Mind as Prison sadly broke up and it looks like LF won't be able to maybe Chaos Destroy and/or Sacrifidelis are gonna play?

See You in Hell:

Over the past 10 years, See You in Hell has been the primary punk export of the Czech Republic. I mean that literally; they’ve toured damn near the entire planet multiple times in the past few years, including two Japan tours, two Brazil tours, and all over Europe way more than two times. They’ve been dropping records left and right, and each one has been better than the last, mastering their own unique blend of Czech and Japanese crust and hardcore. So now that they’re all warmed up, we all decided it was time for them to hit the USA.

Origin of M:
Hardman's Japanese hardcore. Forget the mediocre records, I saw this band in Tokyo in summer 2009 and they were hard and intense in all the ways you want Japanese hardcore to be. Fuckin ill. If you liked Slang last summer, you'll love this too. Just make sure not to get in Guy's way. PS: ex-Gudon, how fuckin cool is that??????

Now that's what I call fast hardcore!!! America's premiere power violence unit. Equal parts Star Wars and No Comment, this band is literally mindblowing live. Like, your brain will explode trying to keep up with how hectic the arrangements are, everything's so scattered yet they manage to be so tight. My eyes can't keep up with them.

Chaos Destroy.......well, it's rare Baltimore can claim to have the best of anything.....but we do have the #1 best American noise punk band, and it's time we start respecting that.

Sacrifidelis.......hometown heroes.

This all goes down Tuesday, June 14, Barclay House, 8 PM, $8 (3 touring bands including 2 from literally the other side of the's a fair price, come prepared to pay it please). If you go to 1 and only 1 punk show this summer, honestly, I'd go to this, Japan + Czech Republic + US finest, an international hardcore sampler.......don't miss it!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The calendar is slowly being pieced together. Sorry for the delay - its on the right hand side of this blog.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Voice of Fight Vol. 46
May 25 - Nazi Dust (FL), Chaos Destroy, Accent Wall, Puberty Wounds at Bell Foundry in Baltimore.

On Wednesday the 25th, a week from today:
FL's Nazi Dust, cool band, worth checking out.......Lotus Fucker did a few shows with them on the road in 2009, ill crew. I've heard that this tour is like an entirely new band, significantly better than any previous outing, excited to see it!!!!

Chaos Destroy, America's best noisepunk band, they play live so rarely, I'm trying to get them to play more often.

Accent Wall

Puberty Wounds

This all goes 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM, at Bell Foundry, for $5.

Unfortunately Cross Stitched Eyes canceled their US tour so they are NOT playing. It's a bummer....but.....ehh I was more excited to see Nazi Dust anyway, so for me, it's whatever, haha.

And don't forget, next month, See You in Hell (Czech Republic) + Origin of M (Japan) + xBrainiax (MI) at Barclay House, and Pahaa Verta (Finland) and Ydinperhe (Finland) at the Hexagon, and Mundo Muerto (CA) and Porkeria (TX) at a yet-to-be-determined spot!! Oof, busy summer!!!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey everybody, just a quick reminder before I go to bed tonight:

Tomorrow night at the Hexagon is Montreal's BoneBlack.....I had the pleasure of playing with them in Montreal when Lotus Fucker toured Canada. I was pleasantly surprised to find they are GREAT. Rock solid cruster Tragedy-worship that actually knows how to write powerful riffs and good songs. Really good band, worth checking out.

Tuesday night at Sidebar is Ottawa's Germ Attak and RVA's Lost Tribe. Neither of these bands should need much introduction, scope a few posts down. This show will be sick.

Later this month, keep on the look out for Florida's Nazi Dust at Bell Foundry.

See you in the pit!!!!! (well, you pit, I'll be standing in the back)

-Kamikaze Dan

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upper Crust PC Elitist Club

if you're reading this blog you've probably noticed that it is pretty unorganized. I would like to have it in more of a calendar form, but i dont really know what im doing right now, first time blogger and im working on it...... so right now shows are updated kinda randomly, make sure you check the posts from previous months!!

to be clear. The shows listed on this blog are underground punk shows that myself and my close friends setup or are involved in,  this is not meant to establish any kind of cool kids club. the original purpose of this blog was to relocate the barclay house webpage, because myspace is getting pretty hard to deal with, but since we also do alotta cool shit in other places i've decided to include them too.

keep following! we  will keep updating


 this is gonna be a crazy one, get ready for a hangover and hearing loss!!!!

COMPARATIVE ANATOMY (from charlottesville VA, like seeing the chuck e cheez band on acid... and in hell..)

ANGRY & BROKE (Baltimore dudes who live up to their name, angry, broke and punk as fuck!!)

REVERSE SWAN (brand spankin new baltimore pop/punk ex members of audio rapists and 3 prong outlet, oh snap!!)'

WIDOW'S BATH (PREGNANT SPORE+HEARTSTRUNG, a 3-piece of alien noises, harsh walls and pure ear-fuckery with a few suitcases of electronic scraps)

ENDLESS BUMMER (brand new melodic punk band from the dudes who brought you the gorons, and ygramul!!!)

PLEASE NO SMOKING INSIDE!! (new rule! please respect the house! we gotta live here!!)



Hey world,

Kamikaze Dan here. I may have left Sacrifidelis but I'll never stop loving Baltimore and bringing the best bands I can through town.

First up for the summer:

Voice of Fight Vol. 44
Tuesday, May 10
at Sidebar, 9 PM, $6

Germ Attak
(Canadian UK-82, if you remember a few years back they played Sidebar with Perdition and Sacrifidelis and were fucking killer, I can assure you they've only gotten better. scope the corny music video their friend made for them)

Lost Tribe
(new RVA band from same RVA people, seeing Deathcharge at Kollapse Fest inspired them to do their own goth/death rock sounding band)

(known and loved)

Lotus Fucker
(first show in Baltimore in a second)

Rest of summer thus far, I'll make more blog posts as these come closer and everything falls better into place:
May 25 - Cross Stitched Eyes (England), Nazi Dust (FL), Chaos Destroy, Accent Wall, +1?
June 14 - Origin of M (Japan), See You in Hell (Czech Republic), xBrainiax (MI), Lotus Fucker, Mind as Prison at Barclay House
June 25 - Pahaa Verta (Finland), Ydinperhe (Finland), Shelter Shock, Chaos Destroy
July 4 - Kromosom (Australia)
July 10 - State Poison (France), Nuklear Blast Suntan (GA), Lotus Fucker, Chaos Destroy, Dirty Wars
August 4 - Vaccuum (CA), Lotus Fucker, Chaos Destroy
August 17 - Sete Star Sept (Japan), Penis Geyser (OH)

See you in the pit!!!!! =)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

April 15th @ the hexagon

April 15th

Anchorites (black metal on your from nyc)
Drudgery (black metal from new brunswick)
Marrow ( Bmore gore death)
Odyssey ( Bmore Thrash )

The Hexagon
1825 N. Charles St
7:30 pm  7 Bucks


Monday, March 7, 2011

Tonite at The Hexagon

Come hang tonight at The Hexagon and be soothed by the soft rock stylings of:

F.D.B. (Pop- Punk from N. Carolina)
Scum Again( Local Pop Punk with some brutal Edge)
Coffin Dust (Sick bone grinding Death Metal from Philly)
IceFox( New Local Crusty Black Thrash Punx)

1825 N. Charles st
6-8 Bucks


Friday, March 4, 2011


March 22nd at The Bell Foundry (corner of calvert and federal) doors at 7:30

your job sucks, school is boring and all your friends listen to indie music. come out and PUNK. IT. UUUUUUUPP!!!!

DELAY (Columbus Ohio's golden boys of singalong, shake yer ass punk anthems, they WILL make you love them)

NEW CREASES (catchier than chicken pox punk rock also from ohio, male female vocals, best power trio since Biker Mice from Mars)

PUBERTY WOUNDS (ugly, distorted crawly spazzy nastiness. punk rock belongs to the weirdos)

SCUM AGAIN (imagine Crimpshrine covering Quincy Punx. imagine if The Pist was on Go-Kart Records. this band will make you want to spike your hair again)

NEON HOLE (grindcore meanies on tour from the land of foam cheez-hats and octopus car washes...come out to this show and growl along with them)

this is someone's house, so don't be an idiot! this will end at 11. bring money for touring bands. punk forever "

- Patrick M

THULSA DOOM Desensitized LIVE 1998


 we have partied with........

call the cops, enemy ancestor, mohammed, plaguewielder, hulk smash, the mystechs, hero dishonest, downside risk, the cult classics, hobis, abiku, nux vomica, moonshine, shitdogs of war, no fucker, witch hunt, the pizza crusties, the muddles, oroku, a warm gun, magrudergrind, disease called man, never enough, three faces of eve, orna annon, dirty eyes, makeway, social dropouts, the knox, dead end boys, shellshag, die screaming, thick as thieves, methal orange, the new flesh, the map says we're fucked, fear is the mindkiller, triac, compliance, tundra, astral ocean, syzlak, pajamarama, hiretsukan, tradition dies here, mammatus, new thrill parade, akkolyte, spoonful of vicodin, catheter, fear and loathing, swords, stepxback, cut it out, sparkle motion, tragedy in dedham, sloth, the spark, direct control, ballast, red devil, mosquitos can kill, lost hands found fingers, death mold, drugs of faith, reactionary 3, I.R.E., heaviness of the load, sadville, l.s.d., the cheapshots, emotron, blodtorste, raise the red lantern, v.p.r., agnosis, blank stare, kudata, pink lincolns, neon maniacs, acts of sedition, garmonbozia, static radio, fierce allegiance, retard t.v., skyflowers, turn into ghosts, bataan death march, tarpit, black spoon brigade, noisorosion, storm the tower, polka madre y la comez√≥n, forth yeer freshman, static radio, crypt of raix, down in the dumps, drunken boat, spiff and krisis, wasteland d.c., cryptorchid chipmunk, chooise your poison, vermefug, kudata, down in the dumps, bolth, cheap bastard squad, minefield, thin the herd, dis/exist, another reason to hate machines, motherspeed, voetsek, m.u.t.t., dead end youth, track of monarchs, the yes sirs, l'antietam, furnace, loose limbs, graft, in black and white, no way out, group36, the skuds, cradle is casket, asra, throwing shrapnel, army of kashyyk, the subliminator, you will die, gabe zander, the flash attacks, kamikazi noise, casket architects, betty sue aside, flowers in the attic, my friend rudra, spit on your grave, surroundings, staurophobia, towers, worn in red, pyramids, defeatist, voetsek, jefferson plane crash, copeater, murder of crows, deciever, dead unicorn, bionic man, rising up rising down, disfucktor, the horror, disnihil, tierra de nadie, pygmylush, the skanarchists, trigger effect, a.p.e, eko, serpents, the degenerics, shelter shock, amputee, capsule, devices, st jude, botox party, monarch, nocnitsa, brainstorm, cerephesis, degenerate elite, coaccion, salome, horse fang, me and my friend coty, xrin arms, disaster strikes, cerephesis, degenerate elite, the gorons, fissure, shit the bed, holy fuck, macerated, thank god, perestroika, warpriest, final conflict, so unloved, strong intention, infernal stronghold, tombs, evil bebos, sanctum, leviathans mandible, broken bodies, storm the bastille, ukebox, damnesia, thistle, mc homeless, capital scam, rival factions, pfisters, like wolves, election day, creosote, against empire, dissystema, lion of judah, monolith, roman gabriel todd's beast rising up out of the sea, osceola, corporate agenda, old habits die hard, i'd rather be dead, something fierce, full chin, the nightmare affair, dissector, sil veth, shinakumah, marrow, choose your poison, birth screams, the squints, jonesin, doomsday machine schematic, diablero, straight no chaser, after the fall, cross examination, hatchet, zorse, despise you, sacri fidelis, star fucking hipsters, sean, mokele mbembe, cop on fire, samothrace, demeanor, disassemble, nekropsy, nanuchka, miam the monster, gordon gano's army, lemuria, sick fix, head home, deep sleep, sick sick birds, misery index, dead mechanical, antillectual, one win choice, iron chic, 1994, aquila, 26 beers, gnarly rueage, hell distort, lotus fucker, lost again, daisycutter, psilocin, relentless, the totalitarian vegetables, caestles, dirty south revolutionaries, kill conrad, antilles, ida sessions, ezra joyce, fall of efrafa, protestant, suis la lune, pagan wolf ritual, cringe, the mandroids, joint chiefs of math, pansori, manic impressive, sea sleep, aunteater, the snallygasters, the muzzler, lone wolf and cub, 1602 destructure st, moister, caestles, pala, revolta, vorvadoss, iron wolf, warfear, major potential, cliff spab, preying hands, kiss the sky goodbye, embolization, destined for nothing, molotov compromise, gray ghost, pansori, corporeal, edhochuli, the assassinators, heath deadger, bleeding hollow, plastered bastards, welcome to perdition, death mold, hipster holocaust, in the shit, zombifying venom, slimy member,  death rats, javelina, man will destroy himself, ke chu cha, anti armada, la armada, diente perro, jesuscentric, zombifying venom, sin nombre, ceasefire, mind as prison, moderat likvidation, detonate, absurdity, fast death, garbage strike, penis geyser, dry clouds, oiltanker, nukkehammer, chaos destroy, merciless game, penis geyser, nuklear blast suntan, raein, common enemy, hello shitty people, frozen teens, riistetyt, s.s.r., point blank, angry and broke, four fingers, human smoke, count von count, shitty knees, rukut, disarmageddon, magog, karoshi, giuda, world burns to death, slang, the wankys, fatal, kill the car, bildoe and the reach arounds, david lamb, mortals, mutilation rites, station, crimes, fair root, boneblack, the rebel spell, ill will, basinger, fatal, perdition, mundo muerto, wombat in combat, the schismatics, putrid servant, d.o.c., steve jones, scum again, gage, harco, hellshock, age, callous, hot mess, shoppers, trophy wife, shat shorts,  thank god, puberty wounds, callous, amputee, buckshot facelift, drain the sky, thulsa doom, river city no comply, rampant decay, bad biology, torche, nothing is over, tigerscout, nudes, xozo, visionbender, bucket flush

.....drop me a line if your band belongs on this list!!

May 12 @ SIDEBAR - Napalm Raid (nova scotia), Icefox, Soulfull Agression


NAPALM RAID (nova scotia crust punk!!)

Icefox (new baltimore metal band!!)
Soulful Aggression (dar's new band!)
+ 1 more ( your band?????)

more info coming SOON

April 20th - RIVER CITY NO COMPLY, DRAIN THE SKY, DRY CLOUDS +1!/event.php?eid=109335422477401

April 20th - BARCLAY HOUSE

RIVER CITY NO COMPLY (memphis TN hardcore punk)

DRAIN THE SKY (Ex his hero is gone!!)

DRY CLOUDS (local screamo from the kids who broughtt you Disassemble)

+1 MORE!!


march 12 at BARCLAY

THULSA DOOM!!!!! ( NY punx reunion show!!! don't miss it!!)

Nothing Is Over
Puberty Wounds
Scum Again

doors at 7PM

bring donations fucker!!!


FB Event invite HERE -!/event.php?eid=206929845987659
Come one come all and attend Bad Biology's CD release of the monstrosity BEFORE THE GERM, released on BEAR Records/Ominous Recordings.

Bring donations at the door
Doors at 7pm w/
BAD BIOLOGY (crude grungy thrash - CD RELEASE SHOW)
HEAVINESS OF THE LOAD (the name is self-explanatory)
NUDES (fast hardcore from the bowels of Baltimore)
TIGERSCOUT (post-hardcore goofbawls)
and one more TBA

May 1st - RAMPANT DECAY, Xozo, Vision Bender +1

Sunday May 1st @ BARCLAY

RAMPANT DECAY (from Providence, RI metal as fuck and punk as hell ex-Composted/Gorehammer)

with XOZO (brand new band with members of Dry Clouds and Revolta)

and VISIONBENDER(local psychedelic metal, first show!)

+ 1 more TBA!!

FB Event Invite here....!/event.php?eid=165481280164472

Barclay House online

Hi everybody,
Alot of people have been asking about our upcoming shows, So i've decided to this blog together for show updates, Myspace isnt getting any cooler and Blogspot seems the way to go, for now at least. Keep a close eye on this blog for info on barclay house shows, other good shows that we set up or are attending, and whatever else we feel like posting