Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello world,

Kamikaze Dan here. Well this hasn't been updated a bit because I appear to be the only person using it, and I've been on tour for most of the past while and working looong hours in DC when I haven't. But I've got a couple of shows going on this summer, as the details get sorted I will make better, more interesting posts on here for each one, but for the moment here's a little schedule, just so you know.

July 22 - Dekoder (Canada), Totes Brute (WA), Exogorth (WA)
July 24 - Zaloa (CA)

August 19 - Cognitive Dissonance (MN)
August 26 - Putrida (NY), sad boys (NY)

so that's my summer schedule! Get pumped!!! =)