Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 90
Jan 2 - No Power (NC), Chaos Destroy, Dead Peasants at Club K in Baltimore

9 PM, $5, 

No Power (NC) 
raw d-beating hardcore punk, featuring one of the best frontmen in the game.

Last Words (NC)
young people playing burly American hardcore

with Chaos Destroy and Dead Peasant backing them up, will be cool!!

this all goes down on Jan 2, 9 PM at Club K, for $5.

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lotus Fucker LP release show AKA #1 best gig of the year


Holy shit guys!!!! I really outdid myself here, if I do say so myself. People told me this gig was crazy, I said "yeah that's why I love it". People told me this gig was financially irresponsible, I said "well I'd rather eat shit then not do it". But most importantly, people told me it was the coolest gig they'd ever heard of, and yeah, I had to agree with that.

seriously, if you maintain ANY interest in punk rock, you NEED to be at this gig!!!!! Baltimore's never had it so good!!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 89
Nov 20 - Chaos Channel (Japan), The Wankys (England), Belgrado (spain), Chaos Destroy, Lotus Fucker at Club K in Baltimore
RECORD RELEASE FOR Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP

Chaos Channel (Japan)

Chaos Channel, Japanese noise heroes, played one NYC show in the 90’s by pure coincidence, and finally return for a proper tour. Their two 90’s 7” s on Overthrow are undeniable classics of the genre, but most exciting to us at SPHC are their newer, current releases. The 2010 CD How You’d Never Been So High? (But Then You’d Never Needed To Be?) is possibly the best noisy punk record of our times, a really fresh and exciting take on a style they already mastered years ago. The vinyl version should be out on UK label Destroy Records in time for this tour. And we are very excited to release a brand new 7” for them as well, also out in time for the tour. It’s great to see this band back in action!!!

Coolest band, coolest dudes, really thrilled to host them in America!!!

The Wankys (England)
The Wankys, English noise heroes, have already been to America in 2010, touring with Lotus Fucker and Chaos Destroy. So you should already know what to expect. Three English gentlemen, ex-members of all your favorite UK bands, goof off and have a bit of pervy old guy fun. But despite all the fun and games, they manage to write great catchy mid-tempo snotty punk anthems and really chaotic and harsh short/fast/loud hardcore numbers that capture their noise spirit. Our tour together in 2010 was so much fun, they really knocked us out and had us pogo-ing and singing along every night, looking forward to round two!! They’ll be touring on their 2nd studio LP, out on SPHC.

Hopefully you saw them already at Barclay with slang and world burns to death and you remember how much fun they are, I'm sure you want to see them again!! =)

Belgrado (spain)
Hot and hyped gothic peace punk from Barcelona. GREAT band.

Chaos Destroy (MD)
Best Baltimore band. Ever. Period.

Lotus Fucker (DC)
Record release show for our new 12", out on SPHC/Katorga Works/rsr. First chance for Americans to cop this shit. We'll be fresh off our giant Euro tour, tour tight like none other.

This all goes down at Club K on Tuesday Nov 20, very promptly from 8:30 PM to midnight, for $8.


-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Did you know Ami and Adrienne have moved into Barclay now?? This is great news because they are the coolest out and are ready to help make Baltimore a better scene than ever. They're going to be working with me on all Friendly Noise and Violence gigs. In fact, this gig series is now the 3 of us! Considering I am now on tour for months at a time, she could be a better resource for gigs than I am. But please feel free to talk to any of us about whatever gig shit you need.

I've been on tour for over a month now, with Merda (Brazil) and Inservibles (Mexico), but you know I'm always thinking of you, and even though I'm going to be in Europe with Lotus Fucker for this gig, we still had to make it happen for you guys!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 88
October 21 - Criaturas (TX), Cigarette Crossfire (Finland), station, +1 at Barclay House in Baltimore

Criaturas (TX)
Great spanish-styled hardcore punk from Austin TX, from the same crew that brought you Vaaska and Deskonocidos. This crew has a pretty flawless track record these days and this band is no exception. They fuckin rip!!

Cigarette Crossfire (Finland)
On tour around The Fest in FL! Hot Water Music-inspired pop-punk from Finland.

Also playing are local yokals station, and one more I'm waiting on for a response.

This all goes down sunday Oct 21, at 8:30 PM, for $6!!

sorry to be short Baltimore! see you tomorrow night, Inservibles at Nu Haus, don't miss it!!!!!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Lotus Fucker Euro tour kickoff with D-Clone (Japan) + Mutilation Rites (NYC)

Hello world,

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 87
October 10 - D-Clone (Japan), Zatsuon (NY), Lotus Fucker, Mutilation Rites (NY), Triac at Barclay House in Baltimore

 At the moment, this is the #1 most crucial show of the fall. I have an even hotter one in the works in November, but.....I don't know quite how hot it's going to be yet, so I won't spill the beans. For the moment, concern yourself with this noise/metal monster mashup.

D-Clone (Japan)
#1 hyped noiser cruster band of our times. #1 top dog band of the new generation of Japanese crusties. They've been making punk happen in Japan on a high level, helping bands from all over the world tour their country, and thus they deserve the world in return. Regardless of how you may or may not feel about them, it'll be worth the effort just to check it out. Total insane d-beat noise violence insanity. Bring earplugs and body armor.

Zatsuon (NYC)
Members of Nervskade, Perdition, Nomad, etc etc. All your favorite NYC noise punk guys in one killer crasher crust band. Total noise insanity, total friendly and violence.

Lotus Fucker
goes to Greece the day after this. Wish us luck!!!!!

Mutilation Rites (NYC)
Metal guys rejoice. I don't like metal so I don't know what to say about this one. But I'm sure plenty of people out there are stoked!!!!!

local workhorse grind band, featuring the best drummer in the DC/Baltimore area. You know them, you love them, new 3-piece line-up to prove that they will never ever end, grind forever.

This gig is at Barclay House and will cost $8!!!!! For three touring bands, including one from literally the other side of the planet earth!!! You know you want to see other Japanese bands in the future so let's make sure these guys have a good time and are treated nicely, so they tell all their friends how lovely Baltimore is and then everybody will come spend some loud nights here!!!

-Kamikaze Dan 


Inservibles (Mexico) + Bible Thumper (NJ) + Lotus Fucker in Baltimore

 Hello world,

Okay, I know I have disappointed this month with some shits falling through while I've been on tour and unable to deal with other people's screw-ups.....can we please end this month on a positive note?? pretty please?
Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 86
september 27 - Inservibles (Mexico), BibleThumper (NJ), the Imposters (CA), Lotus Fucker at Nu Haus of Cassanova in Baltimore

Inservibles (Mexico) = what DIY punk means to me. probably coolest, most relevant Mexican band of the past 10-20 years. Hyper negative/realistic attitude with a well-informed and loose sound that brings to mind Void, or Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, or garage, or Terveet Kadet with longer songs. Everybody always says "deranged", "weird", "disturbed", "menacing", yeah probably, it always helps to have something to be pissed about. But one should also note their keen abilities as songwriters, to write powerful and memorable hardcore songs that never stray inappropriately into rock or metal or speed. Just straight-forward mastery of all the things we love about 'hardcore punk'.

BibleThumper (NJ) = 3rd or 4th time through Baltimore now? You should know what to expect from this brutal d-beating 2-piece. ultra fast and tight drumming, a bass guitar you didn't know could sound that way, and a lot of grunting and screaming. great underrated rager.

The Imposters (CA) = surfing punk from CA. records out on local label Headcount.

Lotus Fucker = noise forever.

This gig is $8!!!!!! For three touring bands, one of which is from Mexico!!!!!!! If you like seeing punk bands from all over the country/world, you like paying the door!!! =)
scope it at Nu Haus of Cassanova, right down the street from Barclay House, around 8 PM!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Icon Gallery (PA) and sick fix (DC) together in Baltimore!!

One more tonight! comin up fast!!!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 85
september 6 - sick fix, Icon Gallery (PA), Queen Wolf, Hive Bent at Hellzapoppin in Baltimore

Icon Gallery (PA)
Pittsburgh crew does a GREAT mix of NWOBHM and melodic punk with some indie leanings here and there. This video is old, by this point I'm sure they're even better!! seriously, great band that appeals to anyone with ears. They've got a storm of new records dropping these days and they're all great great great. Highly recommended.

sick fix (DC)
I feel like this band hasn't played a proper Baltimore gig in awhile? Or at least a Baltimore gig that was on my radar. Fresh off a Euro tour and with a new LP in hand, it'll be nice to bring them back to Bmore. short, fast, loud, you know the drill.

Also playing, Queen Wolf (formerly known as Caestles) and Hive Bent (new noise rock duo).

This all goes down on Thursday, sept 6 at Hellzapoppin, which is a brand new house space along Huntingdon Ave. New house spaces are always a VERY GOOD thing, so let's please be nice, be supportive, and make sure this crew continues to make punk rock happen. come around 8, bring $5 and some earplugs, and you're all ready to have a good time. =)

-Kamikaze Dan

Nervosas (OH) in Baltimore!!!!!

hello world,

Now here's a nice way to spend your saturday night.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 84
september 1 - Nervosas (OH), Muted songbirds, Heavy Friends at Nu Haus of Cassanova in Baltimore

Nervosas (OH)
New Columbus OH power-pop band featuring folks from New Creases/Heath Deadger......these bands played Baltimore plenty of times, so you should have some notion of the quality level you're diving into. Great shit!!!!

Local yokals muted songbirds and Heavy Friends are also playing. You know them, you adore their lovely melodies.

This all goes down saturday, september 1 at Nu Haus of Cassanova, right down the street from Barclay House, Baltimore's new hip house spot. Come around 8 PM with $5. Because u lurv punk and you know that paying the door = bands can tour.

-Kamikaze Dan

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Okay crew,

here's the second hot one this month, and this one is motherfucking scorching!!! Can't wait!!! Top recommendation!!!!!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 83
August 26 - Merda (Brazil), Lotus Fucker, Putrida (NY), Sad Boys (NY), WarGames at Barclay House in Baltimore:
Merda (Brazil)
FUCK, so thrilled to have this band playing Baltimore!!!!
Merda is perhaps best known as the brother-band of the legendary Mukeka di Rato, but they certainly don’t live in that shadow. Quite popular in Brazil in their own right, and having already toured Europe, it’s a great pleasure to bring them here to America. These guys have been belting out fast hardcore with hints of melody and the occasional samba part for over ten years now, including some releases on Sound Pollution Records.

It’s damn near impossible for Brazilian bands to get into America (actually this is the first Brazilian punk band to hit the states since the 90's I think?) so we’re really pleased we were able to pull this off, and we hope this opens the floodgates for more Brazilian bands to come.

ahhhh trying to think of an equivalency here, to explain what a big deal this is. I mean, this band is on MTV, Vice Magazine, plays BIG clubs, etc, is super popular, but still plays fast hardcore with DIY bands, does splits with bands like Hellnation, etc......

Anyway, I am organizing their east coast tour and releasing their new LP, so I booked them the best show possible! =)

Putrida (NY)
 new NYC band, from the same scene that brought you Perdition, Dawn of Humans, crazy spirit, etc. This time around, it's some folks from Long Pigs and Perdition, an ex-DC resident, and some other folks I don't know too well playing straight-forward hardcore punk with a slightly raw south american feeling.

 Sad Boys (NY)
 new NYC hype, from the same scene that brought you Perdition, Dawn of Humans, crazy spirit, etc. This time around, it's some folks from Long Pigs and some other folks I don't know too well playing straight-forward pogo-inducing punk rock.

Lotus Fucker and WarGames will play too! WarGames is basically the best Baltimore band right now, in my opinion, so I couldn't think of a better gig to attend!!

This all goes down sunday, August 26, at Barlcay House, 8:30 PM, for $8. Fucking ill!!!!!! Don't miss it!!! show of the summer!!!!! so good that I made full-color flyers, find one in person and cherish it!!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

AUG 19 - Cog Dis and Murderess!!

hey Baltimore,

Okay, I got two hot gigs for you this month. They'll each get a separate post. Unfortunately I had to bounce scum (MI) to DC, whoops. But I just couldn't get a venue for it locked down! Totally weak Baltimore! But I love you anyway.

so, first up:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 82
August 19 - Cognitive Dissonance (MN), Murderess (OR), Ecco, Hammerthrow at Piss Palace in Baltimore

Cognitive Dissonance (MN)
Brutal crustcore shits for all you brutal crusties, straight outta Minneapolis, the spiritual heartland of this shit. This band has played Baltimore a few times before I think, so you should already be familiar with them. Featuring the fantastic drummer of Question.

Murderess (OR)
PDX metal punk for all metal punks.

Ecco and Hammerthrow are going to be hammering down their echos of noise support.

This all goes down on sunday, August 19 at Piss Palace, at 8 PM, for $6! Fackin killer!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zoloa (CA) in Baltimore!!!!

Okay crew,

Just a couple of days after the Dekoder show, I got this hot one for you too:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 80
July 24 - Zoloa (CA), spoilage, Endless Bummer at Nu Haus of Casanova in Baltimore

Zoloa (CA)
The Black Twilight Circle does d-beat. Do you know the Black Twilight Circle? That hyped Latino black metal crew out of Los Angeles? If not, check it out, some of the only good American black metal.

Also playing, spoilage with the brand new line-up, and Endless Bummer with the same old line-up, everybody knows and loves these bands already.

This all goes down at the Nu Haus of Casanova, which is the new house space down the street from Barclay House, ask around for finer details because what we do is secret. These saintly people are letting us do shows at their house these days so please be nice about it and don't trash their house so they don't turn their backs on us punks.

This show will start around 8:30 PM and is $5.

hot damn!! see you there!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey world,

Here's what I got for you right now:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 79
July 22 - Dekoder (Canada), Lotus Fucker, Totes Brute (WA), Exogorth (WA), Mind as Prison at The Farm in Baltimore

 Dekoder (Canada)
From the same crew that brought you the amazing bands Ballast and Preying Hands. Their newest band is a bit slower, moodier, dare I say gothier?

Exogorth (WA)
Brutal grindcore shits for all brutal grinders.

Totes Brute (WA)
Fast hardcore shits for

and Lotus Fucker will play too.....and Mind as Prison was going to play but now that's a bit up in the air? so maybe someone else will play instead?

This all goes down at the Baltimore Free Farm on sunday, July 22, 8PM, for $7. Yes, at the Baltimore Free Farm, they're doing some legit punk shows now, let's please be nice about it so they will keep doing more. =)

soon I'll post more info for the Zoloa show and some August bangers.

ps: yeah everybody knows Ami and I are moving into Barclay but that's not until september, so please don't badger me about shows quite yet, thanks. and even after I do move, don't badger me, badger Ami, I'm on tour basically always and she's going to be handling most of this stuff between the two of us.

-Kamikaze Dan

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello world,

Kamikaze Dan here. Well this hasn't been updated a bit because I appear to be the only person using it, and I've been on tour for most of the past while and working looong hours in DC when I haven't. But I've got a couple of shows going on this summer, as the details get sorted I will make better, more interesting posts on here for each one, but for the moment here's a little schedule, just so you know.

July 22 - Dekoder (Canada), Totes Brute (WA), Exogorth (WA)
July 24 - Zaloa (CA)

August 19 - Cognitive Dissonance (MN)
August 26 - Putrida (NY), sad boys (NY)

so that's my summer schedule! Get pumped!!! =)


Sunday, March 25, 2012


hey world,

Here's this week's gig:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 75
March 31 - Chaos Destroy, Bible Thumper (NJ), spoilage, Hammerthrow at Piss Palace in Baltimore

Remember when this band played sidebar a few months ago? If you do, you probably remember how awesome they were, and may feel inclined to see them again. Touring on their debut LP.

This is going to be the last local show I book until Dekoder in July. I'll be on tour basically the entire month of May and most of June. I also lack the time and energy now to make it up to Baltimore to flyer like I need to. When I was a student, it was easy, now I work 50-60 hours a week with a lot of early mornings, so it's a bit more difficult. sorry Baltimore. still love you forever. I know you won't miss this.

Final thought, totally random people e-mailing me to book them shows in Baltimore, please stop. I am no longer knee-deep in this game as of a few weeks ago. Ask somebody else (preferably someone that actually lives in Baltimore).

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


hey world,

Quick post for a quick, (relatively) last second show.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 74
March 17 - No Power (NC), Ecco, +1 TBA at Piss Palace in Baltimore

No Power
just listen to these raw noise jams from the new and rising NC noise ambassadors.

They're going to play at Piss Palace (the same spot that hosted the Globsters show last week) with Ecco, our favorite slow band, and maybe one more band. This all goes down at 8:30 PM for $5 on saturday, March 17. If you want to spend your saturday night being punk as fuck, here's your chance!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


hey everybody,

real quick, on tour with Merciless Game right now, everything is peachy keen. Quick update for next week, the Globsters + Lotus Fucker show has been moved to a new house. Please don't blow up or tear down the house, let's please rock and roll respectfully until about 10 PM.

The new address is 110 W 27th st in Baltimore MD. 8 PM - 10 PM. see you there!!!!


Friday, February 3, 2012


Hey world,

Here's another loud night for us to spend together:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 72
March 1 - Globsters (KY), Lotus Fucker, I'm an Intestine (FL), +1 TBA at Copycat in Baltimore

Globsters = the greatest KY band ever? the most undeniably PUNK band ever? the most genuine band ever? one man on a mission to distort Hazard KY and destroy wal-mart. just scope:
Lotus Fucker played with Globsters in KY last winter on our southern tour with Penis Geyser. I was totally floored by how undeniably genuine and unbelievably PUNK the whole project was. Adam and I hit it off real quick and it's my pleasure to release his next 7" and take him on tour through the northeast.

Lotus Fucker = bring the noise

I'm An Intestine = FL fastcore

+1 TBA = either Scum Again or Aloners, either way you'll be able to sing along and have a good time!!

this all goes down Thursday, March 1 at Copycat (exact apartment is on the paper flyer) for $6. Fuckin crucial!!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Monday, January 16, 2012

new releases: sete star sept, penis geyser, merciless game

Hey Baltimore,
so often, someone asks me about my label shit, what I've released, what I've got coming up, etc.
Well I ju
st dropped 2 new releases tonight so here's the official announcement for all that.
If you want to buy
something, buy it from the online store and write in the note that you want to get in person and I will refund you the shipping in cash. Or just e-mail me at with what you want. I don't generally bring any of my crap to shows but I will bring stuff by request. Also, Celebrated Summer always has ample copies of all my releases, so you can scope there too.
- Kamikaze Dan


Merciless Game - Genjitsu Wo Kutabare 8” (SPHC-10)

Merciless Game is a project band started as a solo endeavor by Zach of xBrainiax in 2004 and currently featuring members of xBrainiax, Lotus Fucker, and Chaos Destroy. Negative and spiteful noise punk a la Dust Noise, Screaming Noise, Expose, etc. Primitive and brutal. Recorded in a few hours in December 2010 by noise scientist Mike Walls, sat on for a year so the world could prepare. Look for us on this tour:

February 17 (Friday): Augusta GA w/Chaos Destroy at Skuds Manor
February 18 (Saturday): Wilmington NC w/Chaos Destroy at Soapbox (AFTERNOON SHOW)
February 19 (Sunday): Richmond VA w/Chaos Destroy
February 20 (Monday): Washington DC w/Chaos Destroy at Wasted Dream
February 21 (Tuesday): New York, NY
February 22 (Wednesday): Philadelphia PA
February 23 (Thursday): Columbus OH at Legion of Doom
February 24 (Friday): Lexington KY w/ Globsters
February 25 (Saturday): Detroit MI w/ Globsters
....and possibly more dates around the USSA in the summer and fall.

Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser split 7" (SPHC-16)

A special treat for all true grinders. It's a tremendous pleasure for me to release my two favorite grind bands on this planet on one split 7". It was fantastic to see them tour the US together and hopefully they'll do Japan together too.

Sete Star Sept is literally the best grind band I've ever seen live. For being just bass and drums, their recordings here sound massive, dense, claustrophobic. Wild arrangements hint at chaos yet they're too musically tight to just be randomized. This is how grindcore should sound to me: the destruction of music/art/everything. True professionals.

Penis Geyser's side was culled from tape recordings of this recent US tour. Again, the complete abandonment and destruction of musicality to express true feelings and energies. I love noisecore and these guys are reigning world champions.

Purchase here: [] » or at Wasted Dream
Listen here: [] »

Up next:
SPHC-19: Globsters – Rock and Roll Misery EP (scope their Feb east coast tour)
SPHC-18: Nuklear Blast Suntan – The Wheels of Fate are Turning EP (scope their March west coast tour)
SPHC-7: Nuklear Blast Suntan – Blot Out the Worthless Sun LP repress

also in the works at this time: Ruidos Absurdos collection 7”, Exit Hippies/Lotus Fucker split 12”, Chapmans 12” single, Sun Children Sun demo 7”, Merchandise/Lotus Fucker split 7”, Lotus Fucker southeast tour