Tuesday, May 31, 2011

holy shiiiiiit

In my opinion (and I could be biased), there are 3 BIG shows this summer that are essential viewing for anyone with an interest in the current crop of hardcore. One already happened (Germ Attak + Lost Tribe), number 2 is coming up in just two weeks......and number 3 is happening next month, more on that later.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 49
June 14 - See You in Hell (Czech Republic), Origin of M (Japan), xBrainiax (MI), Lotus Fucker, Mind as Prison at Barclay House in Baltimore

.....well, that was the plan anyway, and it looked so good.....but now Mind as Prison sadly broke up and it looks like LF won't be able to play......so maybe Chaos Destroy and/or Sacrifidelis are gonna play?

See You in Hell:

Over the past 10 years, See You in Hell has been the primary punk export of the Czech Republic. I mean that literally; they’ve toured damn near the entire planet multiple times in the past few years, including two Japan tours, two Brazil tours, and all over Europe way more than two times. They’ve been dropping records left and right, and each one has been better than the last, mastering their own unique blend of Czech and Japanese crust and hardcore. So now that they’re all warmed up, we all decided it was time for them to hit the USA.

Origin of M:
Hardman's Japanese hardcore. Forget the mediocre records, I saw this band in Tokyo in summer 2009 and they were hard and intense in all the ways you want Japanese hardcore to be. Fuckin ill. If you liked Slang last summer, you'll love this too. Just make sure not to get in Guy's way. PS: ex-Gudon, how fuckin cool is that??????

Now that's what I call fast hardcore!!! America's premiere power violence unit. Equal parts Star Wars and No Comment, this band is literally mindblowing live. Like, your brain will explode trying to keep up with how hectic the arrangements are, everything's so scattered yet they manage to be so tight. My eyes can't keep up with them.

Chaos Destroy.......well, it's rare Baltimore can claim to have the best of anything.....but we do have the #1 best American noise punk band, and it's time we start respecting that.

Sacrifidelis.......hometown heroes.

This all goes down Tuesday, June 14, Barclay House, 8 PM, $8 (3 touring bands including 2 from literally the other side of the planet.....it's a fair price, come prepared to pay it please). If you go to 1 and only 1 punk show this summer, honestly, I'd go to this, Japan + Czech Republic + US finest, an international hardcore sampler.......don't miss it!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The calendar is slowly being pieced together. Sorry for the delay - its on the right hand side of this blog.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Voice of Fight Vol. 46
May 25 - Nazi Dust (FL), Chaos Destroy, Accent Wall, Puberty Wounds at Bell Foundry in Baltimore.

On Wednesday the 25th, a week from today:
FL's Nazi Dust, cool band, worth checking out.......Lotus Fucker did a few shows with them on the road in 2009, ill crew. I've heard that this tour is like an entirely new band, significantly better than any previous outing, excited to see it!!!!

Chaos Destroy, America's best noisepunk band, they play live so rarely, I'm trying to get them to play more often.

Accent Wall

Puberty Wounds

This all goes 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM, at Bell Foundry, for $5.

Unfortunately Cross Stitched Eyes canceled their US tour so they are NOT playing. It's a bummer....but.....ehh I was more excited to see Nazi Dust anyway, so for me, it's whatever, haha.

And don't forget, next month, See You in Hell (Czech Republic) + Origin of M (Japan) + xBrainiax (MI) at Barclay House, and Pahaa Verta (Finland) and Ydinperhe (Finland) at the Hexagon, and Mundo Muerto (CA) and Porkeria (TX) at a yet-to-be-determined spot!! Oof, busy summer!!!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey everybody, just a quick reminder before I go to bed tonight:

Tomorrow night at the Hexagon is Montreal's BoneBlack.....I had the pleasure of playing with them in Montreal when Lotus Fucker toured Canada. I was pleasantly surprised to find they are GREAT. Rock solid cruster Tragedy-worship that actually knows how to write powerful riffs and good songs. Really good band, worth checking out.

Tuesday night at Sidebar is Ottawa's Germ Attak and RVA's Lost Tribe. Neither of these bands should need much introduction, scope a few posts down. This show will be sick.

Later this month, keep on the look out for Florida's Nazi Dust at Bell Foundry.

See you in the pit!!!!! (well, you pit, I'll be standing in the back)

-Kamikaze Dan