Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lotus Fucker LP release show AKA #1 best gig of the year


Holy shit guys!!!! I really outdid myself here, if I do say so myself. People told me this gig was crazy, I said "yeah that's why I love it". People told me this gig was financially irresponsible, I said "well I'd rather eat shit then not do it". But most importantly, people told me it was the coolest gig they'd ever heard of, and yeah, I had to agree with that.

seriously, if you maintain ANY interest in punk rock, you NEED to be at this gig!!!!! Baltimore's never had it so good!!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 89
Nov 20 - Chaos Channel (Japan), The Wankys (England), Belgrado (spain), Chaos Destroy, Lotus Fucker at Club K in Baltimore
RECORD RELEASE FOR Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP

Chaos Channel (Japan)

Chaos Channel, Japanese noise heroes, played one NYC show in the 90’s by pure coincidence, and finally return for a proper tour. Their two 90’s 7” s on Overthrow are undeniable classics of the genre, but most exciting to us at SPHC are their newer, current releases. The 2010 CD How You’d Never Been So High? (But Then You’d Never Needed To Be?) is possibly the best noisy punk record of our times, a really fresh and exciting take on a style they already mastered years ago. The vinyl version should be out on UK label Destroy Records in time for this tour. And we are very excited to release a brand new 7” for them as well, also out in time for the tour. It’s great to see this band back in action!!!

Coolest band, coolest dudes, really thrilled to host them in America!!!

The Wankys (England)
The Wankys, English noise heroes, have already been to America in 2010, touring with Lotus Fucker and Chaos Destroy. So you should already know what to expect. Three English gentlemen, ex-members of all your favorite UK bands, goof off and have a bit of pervy old guy fun. But despite all the fun and games, they manage to write great catchy mid-tempo snotty punk anthems and really chaotic and harsh short/fast/loud hardcore numbers that capture their noise spirit. Our tour together in 2010 was so much fun, they really knocked us out and had us pogo-ing and singing along every night, looking forward to round two!! They’ll be touring on their 2nd studio LP, out on SPHC.

Hopefully you saw them already at Barclay with slang and world burns to death and you remember how much fun they are, I'm sure you want to see them again!! =)

Belgrado (spain)
Hot and hyped gothic peace punk from Barcelona. GREAT band.

Chaos Destroy (MD)
Best Baltimore band. Ever. Period.

Lotus Fucker (DC)
Record release show for our new 12", out on SPHC/Katorga Works/rsr. First chance for Americans to cop this shit. We'll be fresh off our giant Euro tour, tour tight like none other.

This all goes down at Club K on Tuesday Nov 20, very promptly from 8:30 PM to midnight, for $8.


-Kamikaze Dan