Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baltimore PUNX PICNIC 2011!!!!

Baltimore Punx Picnic is THIS SATURDAY july 23rd at 12535 Manor Road, Glen Arm MD. All day Cookout with homebrew, GIANT slip n slide, moon bounce, dunk tank, and the music of Bucket Flush, Icefox, Scum Against, Sheltered Schlock, Mandroids, Station and MORE. bring food, beer, grills, tents (you can camp here too!). bands start around 3pm.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am pleased as punch to confirm tonight that Shoppers (NY) are hopping onto the Cyclops show Sunday night with Nuklear Blast Suntan.

Shoppers are good friends with Lotus Fucker, we've played with them a few times, lovely crew and I'm really stoked they're going to sub in for State Poison. They are very NOISE.....which I like....and they approach making noisy and raw music from a different angle than me.....which I also like.

So now we're looking like:

Nuklear Blast Suntan (GA)
Shoppers (NY)
Lotus Fucker
Chaos Destroy
Dirty Wars (first B-more show)

at Cyclops, 8:30 PM, $5.

-Kamikaze Dan

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 TONIGHT at barclay house
HUMILITATE (thrashy/fast hardcore from the BASQUE country - on tour!)
SACRI FIDELIS (Baltimore's rowdy punk kings!)
ICE FOX (dirty and raw metal!)
STRONG INTENTION (long-running maryland fast hardcore - just added!)

8pm - bring some monies to get in and if you can buy some shit from the touring band!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hey crew,

Well this show had a bit of a hiccup.......

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 52:
Sunday, July 10 - State Poison (France), Nuklear Blast Suntan (GA), Lotus Fucker, Chaos Destroy, Dirty Wars at Cyclops Books in Baltimore

However, there was a lot of confusion about State Poison's US tour.....I just confirmed with Befa yesterday that they are NOT doing ANY US tour this're not playing and that's a bummer.

But not too much of a bummer! The show will go on, quite excellently if I may add.

You may remember Nuklear Blast Suntan from when I booked them at Barclay House years ago, they were great then and are better than ever now. I love them a lot, I released their LP for fucks sake hahaha. Here's some cuts from their newest record:

Also playing:

Lotus Fucker - our first Baltimore show in a little bit
Chaos Destroy - the best of the best
Dirty Wars - my new raw d-beat band, first B-more show

and possibly maybe one secret (noisy) guest.......we'll have to see.

So this show is NOISE NOISE NOISE and for that I am most excited. For the true punx only!!!!

Everything is going down at Cyclops Books (corner of Maryland and North, a block up from CCAS) this Sunday at 9 PM for $5!

-Kamikaze Dan