Friday, March 4, 2011


 we have partied with........

call the cops, enemy ancestor, mohammed, plaguewielder, hulk smash, the mystechs, hero dishonest, downside risk, the cult classics, hobis, abiku, nux vomica, moonshine, shitdogs of war, no fucker, witch hunt, the pizza crusties, the muddles, oroku, a warm gun, magrudergrind, disease called man, never enough, three faces of eve, orna annon, dirty eyes, makeway, social dropouts, the knox, dead end boys, shellshag, die screaming, thick as thieves, methal orange, the new flesh, the map says we're fucked, fear is the mindkiller, triac, compliance, tundra, astral ocean, syzlak, pajamarama, hiretsukan, tradition dies here, mammatus, new thrill parade, akkolyte, spoonful of vicodin, catheter, fear and loathing, swords, stepxback, cut it out, sparkle motion, tragedy in dedham, sloth, the spark, direct control, ballast, red devil, mosquitos can kill, lost hands found fingers, death mold, drugs of faith, reactionary 3, I.R.E., heaviness of the load, sadville, l.s.d., the cheapshots, emotron, blodtorste, raise the red lantern, v.p.r., agnosis, blank stare, kudata, pink lincolns, neon maniacs, acts of sedition, garmonbozia, static radio, fierce allegiance, retard t.v., skyflowers, turn into ghosts, bataan death march, tarpit, black spoon brigade, noisorosion, storm the tower, polka madre y la comezón, forth yeer freshman, static radio, crypt of raix, down in the dumps, drunken boat, spiff and krisis, wasteland d.c., cryptorchid chipmunk, chooise your poison, vermefug, kudata, down in the dumps, bolth, cheap bastard squad, minefield, thin the herd, dis/exist, another reason to hate machines, motherspeed, voetsek, m.u.t.t., dead end youth, track of monarchs, the yes sirs, l'antietam, furnace, loose limbs, graft, in black and white, no way out, group36, the skuds, cradle is casket, asra, throwing shrapnel, army of kashyyk, the subliminator, you will die, gabe zander, the flash attacks, kamikazi noise, casket architects, betty sue aside, flowers in the attic, my friend rudra, spit on your grave, surroundings, staurophobia, towers, worn in red, pyramids, defeatist, voetsek, jefferson plane crash, copeater, murder of crows, deciever, dead unicorn, bionic man, rising up rising down, disfucktor, the horror, disnihil, tierra de nadie, pygmylush, the skanarchists, trigger effect, a.p.e, eko, serpents, the degenerics, shelter shock, amputee, capsule, devices, st jude, botox party, monarch, nocnitsa, brainstorm, cerephesis, degenerate elite, coaccion, salome, horse fang, me and my friend coty, xrin arms, disaster strikes, cerephesis, degenerate elite, the gorons, fissure, shit the bed, holy fuck, macerated, thank god, perestroika, warpriest, final conflict, so unloved, strong intention, infernal stronghold, tombs, evil bebos, sanctum, leviathans mandible, broken bodies, storm the bastille, ukebox, damnesia, thistle, mc homeless, capital scam, rival factions, pfisters, like wolves, election day, creosote, against empire, dissystema, lion of judah, monolith, roman gabriel todd's beast rising up out of the sea, osceola, corporate agenda, old habits die hard, i'd rather be dead, something fierce, full chin, the nightmare affair, dissector, sil veth, shinakumah, marrow, choose your poison, birth screams, the squints, jonesin, doomsday machine schematic, diablero, straight no chaser, after the fall, cross examination, hatchet, zorse, despise you, sacri fidelis, star fucking hipsters, sean, mokele mbembe, cop on fire, samothrace, demeanor, disassemble, nekropsy, nanuchka, miam the monster, gordon gano's army, lemuria, sick fix, head home, deep sleep, sick sick birds, misery index, dead mechanical, antillectual, one win choice, iron chic, 1994, aquila, 26 beers, gnarly rueage, hell distort, lotus fucker, lost again, daisycutter, psilocin, relentless, the totalitarian vegetables, caestles, dirty south revolutionaries, kill conrad, antilles, ida sessions, ezra joyce, fall of efrafa, protestant, suis la lune, pagan wolf ritual, cringe, the mandroids, joint chiefs of math, pansori, manic impressive, sea sleep, aunteater, the snallygasters, the muzzler, lone wolf and cub, 1602 destructure st, moister, caestles, pala, revolta, vorvadoss, iron wolf, warfear, major potential, cliff spab, preying hands, kiss the sky goodbye, embolization, destined for nothing, molotov compromise, gray ghost, pansori, corporeal, edhochuli, the assassinators, heath deadger, bleeding hollow, plastered bastards, welcome to perdition, death mold, hipster holocaust, in the shit, zombifying venom, slimy member,  death rats, javelina, man will destroy himself, ke chu cha, anti armada, la armada, diente perro, jesuscentric, zombifying venom, sin nombre, ceasefire, mind as prison, moderat likvidation, detonate, absurdity, fast death, garbage strike, penis geyser, dry clouds, oiltanker, nukkehammer, chaos destroy, merciless game, penis geyser, nuklear blast suntan, raein, common enemy, hello shitty people, frozen teens, riistetyt, s.s.r., point blank, angry and broke, four fingers, human smoke, count von count, shitty knees, rukut, disarmageddon, magog, karoshi, giuda, world burns to death, slang, the wankys, fatal, kill the car, bildoe and the reach arounds, david lamb, mortals, mutilation rites, station, crimes, fair root, boneblack, the rebel spell, ill will, basinger, fatal, perdition, mundo muerto, wombat in combat, the schismatics, putrid servant, d.o.c., steve jones, scum again, gage, harco, hellshock, age, callous, hot mess, shoppers, trophy wife, shat shorts,  thank god, puberty wounds, callous, amputee, buckshot facelift, drain the sky, thulsa doom, river city no comply, rampant decay, bad biology, torche, nothing is over, tigerscout, nudes, xozo, visionbender, bucket flush

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