Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hey crew,

Well this show had a bit of a hiccup.......

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 52:
Sunday, July 10 - State Poison (France), Nuklear Blast Suntan (GA), Lotus Fucker, Chaos Destroy, Dirty Wars at Cyclops Books in Baltimore

However, there was a lot of confusion about State Poison's US tour.....I just confirmed with Befa yesterday that they are NOT doing ANY US tour this summer......so.....they're not playing and that's a bummer.

But not too much of a bummer! The show will go on, quite excellently if I may add.

You may remember Nuklear Blast Suntan from when I booked them at Barclay House years ago, they were great then and are better than ever now. I love them a lot, I released their LP for fucks sake hahaha. Here's some cuts from their newest record:

Also playing:

Lotus Fucker - our first Baltimore show in a little bit
Chaos Destroy - the best of the best
Dirty Wars - my new raw d-beat band, first B-more show

and possibly maybe one secret (noisy) guest.......we'll have to see.

So this show is NOISE NOISE NOISE and for that I am most excited. For the true punx only!!!!

Everything is going down at Cyclops Books (corner of Maryland and North, a block up from CCAS) this Sunday at 9 PM for $5!

-Kamikaze Dan

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