Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello world,

Kamikaze Dan here. Well this hasn't been updated a bit because I appear to be the only person using it, and I've been on tour for most of the past while and working looong hours in DC when I haven't. But I've got a couple of shows going on this summer, as the details get sorted I will make better, more interesting posts on here for each one, but for the moment here's a little schedule, just so you know.

July 22 - Dekoder (Canada), Totes Brute (WA), Exogorth (WA)
July 24 - Zaloa (CA)

August 19 - Cognitive Dissonance (MN)
August 26 - Putrida (NY), sad boys (NY)

so that's my summer schedule! Get pumped!!! =)


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  1. Hey man how can I get in contact with you asap about my band, Early Flight Home, playing that July 24th show? Our tour date fell through and need to fill it stat!
    610 310 8459