Monday, March 11, 2013

Burial (Germany) + Ectoplasm (FL) at Barclay!!

Fuckin shit guys,

Right after these three:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 92
March 26 - Hero Dishonest (Finland), Enemy Insects, Burning Axe at sidebar

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 93
April 7 - At the Graves, Curmudgeon (MA), Howling Curse, Meat at Dishaus

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 94
April 21 - Kremlin (Canada), Merciless Game, Chaos Destroy +1 at Club K

Comes the second of THREE HOT SHIT SHOWS OF SPRINGTIME 2013.....  

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 95
April 24 - Burial (Germany), Lotus Fucker, Ectoplasm (FL), Dead Peasants, Landbridge (FL) at Barclay House

Burial (Germany)
Germany's finest lovers of Japanese hardcore. First two 7"s and first LP are GREAT GREAT GREAT, at the time they were amongst my most listened to records. Powerful, well-written, well-played hardcore punk. Great riffs, great songs, great sound and style. I bought every shirt, tagged along on their Japan tour for a moment, I still have the note from Flo when I mailordered the second 7", saying "You are the first person in America to own and hear this record" LOL. I'm really thrilled to see this band again!!

Lotus Fucker
The eternal hardcore radiance. First gig in 5 months. First gig with the new line-up. Nerve-racking.

Ectoplasm (FL)
New FL noise hype. From the crew that brought you Mauser and Hellkontroll, now they choose Sore Throat as the subject of their adoration. Caught them on home turf when I was out with Inservibles and they were quite killer, excited to see them now on my home turf.

Dead Peasants
kvlt shit.

Landbridge (FL)
Tampa city kang style d-beat.

All this at Barclay House on Wednesday, April 24, 8 PM, $7.

-Kamikaze Dan

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