Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey world,

Kamikaze Dan here. I may have left Sacrifidelis but I'll never stop loving Baltimore and bringing the best bands I can through town.

First up for the summer:

Voice of Fight Vol. 44
Tuesday, May 10
at Sidebar, 9 PM, $6

Germ Attak
(Canadian UK-82, if you remember a few years back they played Sidebar with Perdition and Sacrifidelis and were fucking killer, I can assure you they've only gotten better. scope the corny music video their friend made for them)

Lost Tribe
(new RVA band from same RVA people, seeing Deathcharge at Kollapse Fest inspired them to do their own goth/death rock sounding band)

(known and loved)

Lotus Fucker
(first show in Baltimore in a second)

Rest of summer thus far, I'll make more blog posts as these come closer and everything falls better into place:
May 25 - Cross Stitched Eyes (England), Nazi Dust (FL), Chaos Destroy, Accent Wall, +1?
June 14 - Origin of M (Japan), See You in Hell (Czech Republic), xBrainiax (MI), Lotus Fucker, Mind as Prison at Barclay House
June 25 - Pahaa Verta (Finland), Ydinperhe (Finland), Shelter Shock, Chaos Destroy
July 4 - Kromosom (Australia)
July 10 - State Poison (France), Nuklear Blast Suntan (GA), Lotus Fucker, Chaos Destroy, Dirty Wars
August 4 - Vaccuum (CA), Lotus Fucker, Chaos Destroy
August 17 - Sete Star Sept (Japan), Penis Geyser (OH)

See you in the pit!!!!! =)


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