Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upper Crust PC Elitist Club

if you're reading this blog you've probably noticed that it is pretty unorganized. I would like to have it in more of a calendar form, but i dont really know what im doing right now, first time blogger and im working on it...... so right now shows are updated kinda randomly, make sure you check the posts from previous months!!

to be clear. The shows listed on this blog are underground punk shows that myself and my close friends setup or are involved in,  this is not meant to establish any kind of cool kids club. the original purpose of this blog was to relocate the barclay house webpage, because myspace is getting pretty hard to deal with, but since we also do alotta cool shit in other places i've decided to include them too.

keep following! we  will keep updating

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  1. I am looking to set up a show for two folk punk bands doing a small tour, they are going to be in Baltimore on July 10th and we are having trouble finding someone to book this. If there is any way you would be able to help, or can point me in another direction please contact me.