Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Voice of Fight Vol. 46
May 25 - Nazi Dust (FL), Chaos Destroy, Accent Wall, Puberty Wounds at Bell Foundry in Baltimore.

On Wednesday the 25th, a week from today:
FL's Nazi Dust, cool band, worth checking out.......Lotus Fucker did a few shows with them on the road in 2009, ill crew. I've heard that this tour is like an entirely new band, significantly better than any previous outing, excited to see it!!!!

Chaos Destroy, America's best noisepunk band, they play live so rarely, I'm trying to get them to play more often.

Accent Wall

Puberty Wounds

This all goes 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM, at Bell Foundry, for $5.

Unfortunately Cross Stitched Eyes canceled their US tour so they are NOT playing. It's a bummer....but.....ehh I was more excited to see Nazi Dust anyway, so for me, it's whatever, haha.

And don't forget, next month, See You in Hell (Czech Republic) + Origin of M (Japan) + xBrainiax (MI) at Barclay House, and Pahaa Verta (Finland) and Ydinperhe (Finland) at the Hexagon, and Mundo Muerto (CA) and Porkeria (TX) at a yet-to-be-determined spot!! Oof, busy summer!!!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

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