Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey everybody, just a quick reminder before I go to bed tonight:

Tomorrow night at the Hexagon is Montreal's BoneBlack.....I had the pleasure of playing with them in Montreal when Lotus Fucker toured Canada. I was pleasantly surprised to find they are GREAT. Rock solid cruster Tragedy-worship that actually knows how to write powerful riffs and good songs. Really good band, worth checking out.

Tuesday night at Sidebar is Ottawa's Germ Attak and RVA's Lost Tribe. Neither of these bands should need much introduction, scope a few posts down. This show will be sick.

Later this month, keep on the look out for Florida's Nazi Dust at Bell Foundry.

See you in the pit!!!!! (well, you pit, I'll be standing in the back)

-Kamikaze Dan

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  1. Hey Barclay bros,
    I am trying to book a show in DC in early June for my total stench crusher band RAMLORD.
    Anyone I should contact over there?
    Let me know!!
    peace and love,