Wednesday, June 22, 2011

THURSDAY JUNE 30 - Mundo Muerto (CA) + Porkeria (TX)

Hey world,

Good show coming up next week:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 50:
Thursday, June 30
Mundo Muerto (CA), Porkeria (TX), Chaos Destroy, +1
at Big House in Baltimore
8 PM, $6
(still working out who +1 is, too few bands stretched too thin)
(Big House is the new house in Arbutus, ask around for an address)

LF played with Mundo Muerto in DC in 2009 and they really knocked me out. Great melodic PUNK from Los Angeles Latino guys and gals, like a faster Eskorbuto, catchy songs with a good rough sound. Great live and I love the LP. Excited to see them again.

Porkeria I'm not so familiar with. TX Latino hardcore. I got their demo a few years ago and enjoyed it. I know they have a new LP out that they're touring on. Curious to see them.

I know Chaos Destroy is gonna play, remember how good they were at Barclay a little while back?? Never get tired of seeing them. Still waiting for confirmation on the last band.

In July, I've got the State Poison/Nuklear Blast Suntan show for all your noise needs, and in August, Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser for all your grind needs. =)

-Kamikaze Dan

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