Sunday, December 18, 2011



I'll make this short and snappy. Posting about the first great show of the new year.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 69
January 8 - No Statik (CA), Lotus Fucker, At The Graves at Bell Foundry in Baltimore

No Statik (CA)
so good live they get a few videos:
Members of Look Back and Laugh, What Happens Next, Artimus Pyle, etc get together to make some solid mettalic hardcore......but god damn are they smoking live. Top tier live unit, we played with them at Chaos in Texas and I was thoroughly impressed.

local yokals:
Lotus Fucker - we are okay live too
At the Graves - members of Revolta do Neurosis worship, I think this could actually be my favorite Baltimore band right now???

This all goes down:
Sunday Jan 8, 2012
Bell Foundry
8:30 PM
(Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 69)

Let's fuckin gooooo!!

-Kamikaze Dan

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