Wednesday, November 23, 2011

THURSDAY DEC 8 - Shoppers returns!!!!!

helloooooo Baltimore,

I've been on the road with Face the Rail (CA) and then with Warning/Warning (France) for the past month. And now I'm in Texas for Thanksgiving. But always, I think about this great community and what exciting shit I can come up with for everyone to experience together.

So here's what I got next, a little short-notice but not too much so:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 66
December 8 - Shoppers (NY), Aloners, Ecco, Big Mouth at Barclay House in Baltimore

Shoppers = Syracuse noise pop power trio, girls just wanna have fun and Josh just wanna beat the drums! third time in Baltimore and we all know third time's a charm. This band is quite excellent, maybe like if Sonic Youth was very fuckin noise.

Aloners = new pop-punk band with some familiar faces (from Lotus Fucker and Sick Fix) and some not

Ecco = sporadic movements of sporadic (sludge) music, from the Chaos Destroy crew

Big Mouth = new girls on the rock and roll block

all going down at Barclay House
on Thursday Dec 8
8 PM, $5

get ready for No Statik and Aghast in January, and then I'm working on something particularly cool in February......yeah, 2012 may be the end of the world but the world will go out on a positive note!!

-Kamikaze Dan

PS: thanks everyone that came out to my giant show last month, it was very appreciated. what a great night that was, I hope everyone had as much fun as me!!

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