Saturday, August 4, 2012

AUG 19 - Cog Dis and Murderess!!

hey Baltimore,

Okay, I got two hot gigs for you this month. They'll each get a separate post. Unfortunately I had to bounce scum (MI) to DC, whoops. But I just couldn't get a venue for it locked down! Totally weak Baltimore! But I love you anyway.

so, first up:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 82
August 19 - Cognitive Dissonance (MN), Murderess (OR), Ecco, Hammerthrow at Piss Palace in Baltimore

Cognitive Dissonance (MN)
Brutal crustcore shits for all you brutal crusties, straight outta Minneapolis, the spiritual heartland of this shit. This band has played Baltimore a few times before I think, so you should already be familiar with them. Featuring the fantastic drummer of Question.

Murderess (OR)
PDX metal punk for all metal punks.

Ecco and Hammerthrow are going to be hammering down their echos of noise support.

This all goes down on sunday, August 19 at Piss Palace, at 8 PM, for $6! Fackin killer!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

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  1. Hey could someone tell me the address to this house? It will be my first time in Baltimore and I would love to see cognitive dissonance.