Friday, August 17, 2012

Icon Gallery (PA) and sick fix (DC) together in Baltimore!!

One more tonight! comin up fast!!!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 85
september 6 - sick fix, Icon Gallery (PA), Queen Wolf, Hive Bent at Hellzapoppin in Baltimore

Icon Gallery (PA)
Pittsburgh crew does a GREAT mix of NWOBHM and melodic punk with some indie leanings here and there. This video is old, by this point I'm sure they're even better!! seriously, great band that appeals to anyone with ears. They've got a storm of new records dropping these days and they're all great great great. Highly recommended.

sick fix (DC)
I feel like this band hasn't played a proper Baltimore gig in awhile? Or at least a Baltimore gig that was on my radar. Fresh off a Euro tour and with a new LP in hand, it'll be nice to bring them back to Bmore. short, fast, loud, you know the drill.

Also playing, Queen Wolf (formerly known as Caestles) and Hive Bent (new noise rock duo).

This all goes down on Thursday, sept 6 at Hellzapoppin, which is a brand new house space along Huntingdon Ave. New house spaces are always a VERY GOOD thing, so let's please be nice, be supportive, and make sure this crew continues to make punk rock happen. come around 8, bring $5 and some earplugs, and you're all ready to have a good time. =)

-Kamikaze Dan

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