Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Did you know Ami and Adrienne have moved into Barclay now?? This is great news because they are the coolest out and are ready to help make Baltimore a better scene than ever. They're going to be working with me on all Friendly Noise and Violence gigs. In fact, this gig series is now the 3 of us! Considering I am now on tour for months at a time, she could be a better resource for gigs than I am. But please feel free to talk to any of us about whatever gig shit you need.

I've been on tour for over a month now, with Merda (Brazil) and Inservibles (Mexico), but you know I'm always thinking of you, and even though I'm going to be in Europe with Lotus Fucker for this gig, we still had to make it happen for you guys!

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 88
October 21 - Criaturas (TX), Cigarette Crossfire (Finland), station, +1 at Barclay House in Baltimore

Criaturas (TX)
Great spanish-styled hardcore punk from Austin TX, from the same crew that brought you Vaaska and Deskonocidos. This crew has a pretty flawless track record these days and this band is no exception. They fuckin rip!!

Cigarette Crossfire (Finland)
On tour around The Fest in FL! Hot Water Music-inspired pop-punk from Finland.

Also playing are local yokals station, and one more I'm waiting on for a response.

This all goes down sunday Oct 21, at 8:30 PM, for $6!!

sorry to be short Baltimore! see you tomorrow night, Inservibles at Nu Haus, don't miss it!!!!!


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