Friday, September 7, 2012

Lotus Fucker Euro tour kickoff with D-Clone (Japan) + Mutilation Rites (NYC)

Hello world,

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 87
October 10 - D-Clone (Japan), Zatsuon (NY), Lotus Fucker, Mutilation Rites (NY), Triac at Barclay House in Baltimore

 At the moment, this is the #1 most crucial show of the fall. I have an even hotter one in the works in November, but.....I don't know quite how hot it's going to be yet, so I won't spill the beans. For the moment, concern yourself with this noise/metal monster mashup.

D-Clone (Japan)
#1 hyped noiser cruster band of our times. #1 top dog band of the new generation of Japanese crusties. They've been making punk happen in Japan on a high level, helping bands from all over the world tour their country, and thus they deserve the world in return. Regardless of how you may or may not feel about them, it'll be worth the effort just to check it out. Total insane d-beat noise violence insanity. Bring earplugs and body armor.

Zatsuon (NYC)
Members of Nervskade, Perdition, Nomad, etc etc. All your favorite NYC noise punk guys in one killer crasher crust band. Total noise insanity, total friendly and violence.

Lotus Fucker
goes to Greece the day after this. Wish us luck!!!!!

Mutilation Rites (NYC)
Metal guys rejoice. I don't like metal so I don't know what to say about this one. But I'm sure plenty of people out there are stoked!!!!!

local workhorse grind band, featuring the best drummer in the DC/Baltimore area. You know them, you love them, new 3-piece line-up to prove that they will never ever end, grind forever.

This gig is at Barclay House and will cost $8!!!!! For three touring bands, including one from literally the other side of the planet earth!!! You know you want to see other Japanese bands in the future so let's make sure these guys have a good time and are treated nicely, so they tell all their friends how lovely Baltimore is and then everybody will come spend some loud nights here!!!

-Kamikaze Dan 


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