Tuesday, October 18, 2011

THIS SUNDAY - The Creamers + Dry Spell

hey crew,

This one is for all your melodic needs.

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 63
October 23 - the Creamers (TX), Dry Spell (VA), Endless Bummer, Aloners at Beat Kids House in Baltimore

The Creamers (TX)
Austin's premier garage unit. Lotus Fucker played with them at Chaos in Texas and I thought they were quite excellent.

Dry Spell (VA)
For all your USHC needs, take one of Richmond's many hyped bands that ape Black Flag, Minor Threat, etc etc......

Also playing:
Endless Bummer, Baltimore's bright young pop-punk goup

Aloners, my new pop-punk band!! It's me on drums, Joey (Dirty Wars) and Pat (Lotus Fucker, Sick Fix, State Violence) on guitar, and Kim on bass. It sounds like Leatherface a little bit, but slower and moodier. First Baltimore show!!

This goes down at Beat Kids House this coming Sunday, starts at 8:30 PM, and will be $6. Come out and hang.

-Kamikaze Dan

PS: let's not forget next month......

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 64
November 11 - Religious War (OR), Warning/Warning (France), Face the Rail (CA), Nukkehammer (OH), Lotus Fucker, Sacrifidelis at Bell Foundry in Baltimore

and next year.....all sorts of wild shit, if I have my druthers.....but I can tell you that No Statik (CA) is coming in early January and that'll be the first KILLER show of 2012.

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