Monday, October 24, 2011


Crew, let's just take a moment and pause and think about how fucking ill this show is:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 64
November 11 - Religious War (OR), Warning/Warning (France), Face the Rail (CA), Nukkehammer (OH), Lotus Fucker, Sacrifidelis at Bell Foundry in Baltimore

I am mighty chuffed for this show. I think about it all the time. I put in a little bit of work to make everything line up properly and get everyone in the same place at the same time. So I hope everybody will show up and rage hard. This is a pretty flawless line-up from top to bottom:

Religious War (OR)
The most ill band of our times? Quite possibly. I think The Inmates are the only American band to be anywhere close in terms of being undeniably "ill". Basically this band defines 'Portland City Punk Rock'. Total insane maniacs playing depraved and rampaging hardcore punk. Simple formula executed perfectly by legendary personalities. These guys would go on to do Rotten Cadaver, Dead Section, the Corpse, they all kinda sound the same and they're all SO FUCKIN PERFECT. The Religious War LP and unreleased Rotten Cadaver LP are the best from this crew and are essential pieces of the American punk rock canon. I am frothing at the mouth to see this band, couldn't find any live footage but someone uploaded the LP so you can hear how fucking mindblowing it is. I guess you'll have to wait until the gig to see 'the Bartek shuffle'.

Warning//Warning (France)
Members of Gasmask Terror do noise punk a la Confuse, Gai, Swankys, etc, touring the US on their debut LP. Cool band, good sounds, good vibes/aesthetics. I am driving them on tour!

Nukkehammer (OH)
This is raw hardcore punk, crazed dual vocals, barbaric drums, ugly tones. Informed by Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Crow, Kaaos, etc, all the classics, yet not directly ripping off anyone, there are no gods so there is no worshipping. One of the most exciting bands currently in the scene. They are hardcore family, I released their 7", Lotus Fucker has brought them out to Baltimore/DC in the past so you should already know how damn good they are. We thought we should bring them here again. Freak music for freak people.

Face the Rail (CA)
One of those bands that you just can't help but love. Almost like the Adolescents playing twice as fast and mixed with some kind of mellow college rock arrangements and almost surfing guitar riffs at points.....hard to describe but they don't sound scattered, everything is fluid and natural. Just a great band all around. They won over tons of people on their recent continental US tour over the summer, we all decided "hey that was fun, let's do it again?" and so I'll take them on another short east coast tour. My hardcore family!!

also playing:
Lotus Fucker - only Baltimore show this fall
Sacrifidelis - new and maybe improved?

this is all FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11
beginning promptly at 8 PM......everybody knows that I run a tight ship so trust me when I say, if you stroll in at 9:30 you'll have missed half the show.
and this show should ostensibly be $9 because there's 4 touring bands, including 1 from another country and 1 that's traveling from OH specifically for this show (and the DC show the day after) please come prepared to donate!! even if you can't donate the whole $9, anything is appreciated!

See you there!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

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