Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey world,

Here's what I got for you right now:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 79
July 22 - Dekoder (Canada), Lotus Fucker, Totes Brute (WA), Exogorth (WA), Mind as Prison at The Farm in Baltimore

 Dekoder (Canada)
From the same crew that brought you the amazing bands Ballast and Preying Hands. Their newest band is a bit slower, moodier, dare I say gothier?

Exogorth (WA)
Brutal grindcore shits for all brutal grinders.

Totes Brute (WA)
Fast hardcore shits for

and Lotus Fucker will play too.....and Mind as Prison was going to play but now that's a bit up in the air? so maybe someone else will play instead?

This all goes down at the Baltimore Free Farm on sunday, July 22, 8PM, for $7. Yes, at the Baltimore Free Farm, they're doing some legit punk shows now, let's please be nice about it so they will keep doing more. =)

soon I'll post more info for the Zoloa show and some August bangers.

ps: yeah everybody knows Ami and I are moving into Barclay but that's not until september, so please don't badger me about shows quite yet, thanks. and even after I do move, don't badger me, badger Ami, I'm on tour basically always and she's going to be handling most of this stuff between the two of us.

-Kamikaze Dan

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