Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zoloa (CA) in Baltimore!!!!

Okay crew,

Just a couple of days after the Dekoder show, I got this hot one for you too:

Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 80
July 24 - Zoloa (CA), spoilage, Endless Bummer at Nu Haus of Casanova in Baltimore

Zoloa (CA)
The Black Twilight Circle does d-beat. Do you know the Black Twilight Circle? That hyped Latino black metal crew out of Los Angeles? If not, check it out, some of the only good American black metal.

Also playing, spoilage with the brand new line-up, and Endless Bummer with the same old line-up, everybody knows and loves these bands already.

This all goes down at the Nu Haus of Casanova, which is the new house space down the street from Barclay House, ask around for finer details because what we do is secret. These saintly people are letting us do shows at their house these days so please be nice about it and don't trash their house so they don't turn their backs on us punks.

This show will start around 8:30 PM and is $5.

hot damn!! see you there!!!!

-Kamikaze Dan

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